The Marshall Tucker Band - 24 Hours at a Time

Posted On: Wednesday - December 27th 2017 7:22PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has neglected the Southern Rock - it's been a long time. Here is a great song by a band that may be unknown to many readers, but they were fairly big back in the late '70's. The Marshall Tucker Band had a couple of hits, even, with "Fire on the Mountain" (not the song by The Dead that goes with "Scarlet Begonias") and "Heard it in a Love Song".

I had been trying to say goodbye to a girl, not in actuality, as we'd already been apart, but in my mind. As I sat inside my car in a parking lot in the rain somewhere, I heard this song for the 1st time, on the radio - this was long after Marshall Tucker. Man, I thought that great instrumental ending went on for 5 minutes or more, but I see, here on youtube, that it can't be more than 2 or 3.

I'd have posted this one long ago, but it hadn't been on youtube ...

Original Marshall Tucker Band:
Doug Gray - lead vocals
Toy Caldwell - vocals, lead guitar
Tommy Caldwell - bass guitar
George McCorkle - rhythm guitar
Paul Riddle - drums
Jerry Eubanks - flute (how many rock bands have a floutist, other than these guys and Jethro Tull - w/ Ian Anderson?_

Friday - December 29th 2017 6:21PM MST

Thanks. I know the Moody Blues and Traffic, and can sort-of recall flute playing in their music (definitely Moody Blues, come to think of it). I don't know Firefall.
Thursday - December 28th 2017 7:50AM MST
PS Moody Blues, Traffic and Firefall all have great flute rock renditions
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