Why are most politicians immoral psychopaths?

Posted On: Wednesday - December 27th 2017 6:37PM MST
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Choose the scumbag in the photo - multiple selections permitted. Neither is the specific subject of this post, but psychopath is as psychopath does.

In his latest article, the great Dr. Ron Paul writes about Political Immorality and Personal Immorality. Most of this article is the usual stuff that we've read and heard many times from this great libertarian. It's all correct, but Dr. Paul doesn't really get to his point until the last paragraph on how these politicans political immorality is related to their personalities:
The welfare-warfare state is built on violence and deceit. It is thus inevitable that many of those participating in this immoral system will combine their immoral politics with immoral personal conduct. Hopefully the revelations of sexual misconduct among the welfare-warfare state’s Capitol Hill and media defenders will lead more Americans to question the morality and the wisdom of allowing the federal government to run the world, run the economy, and run our lives.
Peak Stupidity does begs to differ on the reasoning here. As a reply to Dr. Paul, our comment is (and I won't "blockquote" it here, as it's our own writing):

He may be right, but there is a good argument for his putting the cart before the horse. Isn’t it just as likely that the big-money/big-biz/big-gov people who donate and “select” these immoral politicians are selecting them FOR these qualities? It’s a lot easier to get the guy to “accomplish” what you need during his time in office if he is easily corruptible.

It may not be so much as these immoral politicians being unfazed by, or creating, immoral policies, such as the welfare/warfare state, versus their being told to make this stuff happen by immoral elites who need immoral, hence, corruptible people up there in Washington, FS. Blackmail, bribery, and combinations thereof can only make things happen if the politicians have done blackmail-worth things and/or are immoral money-grubbing scum. Yeah, they mostly are, from what I’ve seen. They make their constituents feel good about their choice by being really good at smiling and remembering people’s names.

Let me expound on that last sentence with a personal story. The man I'm writing about was not a politician, per se, as he was not in an elected office, but he was in a high profile position that basically made him have to BE a politician, and his nature was one of a politician. This guy had a big gathering with at least a coupla' hundred people that he had definitely seen around but didn't know in particular, me included. I happened to be in a phase of going around barefoot at the time, and the man remarked to me, something along the lines of "Hey, WTF?", but as a politician, it was more lilke "How are you? Nice to see you? Going without shoes, I see.". "Yeah, I'm headed out to California for a while. I think they're all like this." That was the extent of the conversation.

Two years went by, and I was back in the area. This guy and his wife came up to the dock we were on with his power boat and we both said hello, as he was a recognizable guy. I feel ashamed to say now, but I thought that this was pretty cool. "Hey" the politician said, "I thought you were out in California." "Wow", I thought, "This guy knows me." Even cooler, I am more ashamed to say I felt [Hey, quit writing like Yoda! - Ed.] See, that's the gist of it - these guys are good at some things, there's no doubt. They are good at smiling; well, that's not that hard. They are good at facial recognition and remembering just enough to make you think they really care about the people around them. I would say being a salesman is one step on the road to perdition politics. In fact, here is a well known paper saleman from Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, who demos THIS VERY TECHNIQUE:

Please, please, use another browser to watch this if you have IE browser (I am so sorry, on behalf of Bill the geek Gates on this) - it is just plain hilarious!

Where were we, before this brief video digression on personal memorization techniques? Oh, yeah, though good at some parts of personal relationships, the weakness in these people is usually in their morality, their principles. That's not what you need in high levels of government, but that's what we're getting. Even some of the fairly decent people that get into the Feral government seem too weak to resist the peer pressure of Washington, Federal Shithole. In the Peak Stupidity post, a few weeks back, on Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, we listed 4 possible reasons, some that may be combined, for the continual incidences of these politicians going native. Perhaps just their personal weakness in succumbing to peer pressure could be number 5.

How do we prevent this? We can't in a big government situation like America is in now. We're pretty much going to have to start over, some day.

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