War (on Christmas) in Germany ....

Posted On: Tuesday - December 20th 2016 8:08AM MST
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... and elsewhere in the western world. I don't mean the cultural "war on Christmas", I mean the actual war, this time at Christmas - with one-sided skirmishes by the goat-love crowd on the Western World. The latest one-sided skirmish was the truck attack in Berlin, Germany. As of yesterday, we didn't know if the moslem "refugee" shouting "Alalu Akbar" was in reality a terrorist, or just a regular old German gentleman with a driving problem.

It's hard to tell by headlines. We must read between the lines, like an old babushka perusing Pravda while sitting on the toilet.

Danke, h√ľndin! This lady should be tried as an accessory to a coupla hundred counts of murder-1. Book her, Dano!

The murderer in question here may keep getting called "the German man" by our and other country's government media. The governments, gov't media, and the globalist crowd in general, like that sort of thing, as they can maintain the line "see, he's a German, homegrown terrorist." (yeah, "homegrown", like under the grow lights in my friend's closet before his house burned up - true story). "It's not about the immigrants, folks, nothing to see there, this sort of shit just happens. See, this guy wasn't an immigrant."

I don't care where this guy was born, he's a moslem terrorist waging war, and whatever colored passport he may have doesn't mean squat to me. He's not a German, and Syed Rizwan Farook and his San Bernardino broad are not Americans and never will be!

Two Americans or not? We report, you decide.

Why were these people's parents allowed to move in to Western lands? That's the question people want to ask but won't due to being scared of being called names.

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