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Posted On: Friday - December 22nd 2017 12:08PM MST
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Per a commenter who goes by the handle of "(((Owen)))" on Steve Sailer's blog on unz, regarding real estate in Compton - Los Angeles:
Blacks drive out whites with random street crime.

But Hispanics form posses for self defense so they can colonize black neighborhoods.

Whites have much more money than Hispanics so they can colonize Hispanic neighborhoods once the blacks have been driven out.

Blacks have Section 8 and blockbusting to colonize white neighborhoods once the Hispanics have been driven out.

Rock. Paper. Scissors.

And the real estate brokers make all the money on the new Triangular Trade.
What a great analogy by Mr. (((Owen)))! One difference from rock-paper-scissors is, of course, that nobody makes money on the real game. RE agents make money on every win - I guess their version of a draw would be "For Sale by Owner", (the best way to go)

The Peak Stupidity blog has written about the F.I.R.E. economy (and also here) before. Finance, Insurance, Real estate, and Education are non-industrious "industries" that, especially the first 3 (as, people sometimes just mean, Real Estate) are composed of middlemen, oh, OK, middlewomen too, happy?! Come to think of it, regarding real estate, it is mostly middlewomen. That works, as many RE agents feel that high heels and tight white jeans are all it's gonna take to get a guy to pay 10 - 20 grand extra for a house ... and THEY ARE, in fact!

Big finance, insurance and real estate make money when people go through turmoil, or when there is at least enough turmoil around to worry about, in the case of insurance. Think about it. The big finance people make money off of every monetary transaction, whether the individuals they make money off of win or lose in their dealings. They need the economy to not necessarily produce a lot, but just have lots of dealings going on. Wanta just use cash at the flea market for groceries, pay cash for your gas and rent, get some bitcoin for a large dealing. That's NO! GOOD! for the finance industry. You are a very, very BAD! MAN!

The real estate people make money the same way. You've got a nice stable neighborhood, with lots of people having lived in and improved their normal-sized houses for 20-40 years. NO! GOOD! for business. You are a very, very BAD! FAMILY! We're gonna bring in some other people, and see how you like the schools now. You can pay out the ying-yang for private schools, or you can get the hell out, now, dammit! Someone's gotta move, so we can "move" these "properties". Hey, I'm not saying the RE industry has this all planned out like a big conspiracy. No, they are not smart enough to do that. They sure enjoy it though.

Now, just to add the curmudeonry topic key here, my major beef with the real estate industry is just their continual use of the word "home" for "house". Yeah, if you want to talk about all residential real estate together, meaning house, condos, "flats" (sounds so sophisticated, I want to live in a FLAT!), then "home" may be appropriate and sounds better than "property". However, the RE agents' idea is to use that word for it's emotional connotations. Oh, it must be cozy - it's a "HOME" - there's no place like HOME, right Aunty Em? Wrong, by "cozy", real estate agents mean really damn small, it turns out, with no place for your table saw and Harley (may have to park it in the living room - can you do that in a flat?).

Let's cut out the euphemisms, like my homies housies do in the ghetto , excuse me, hood. They don't call their place of business a "Crack home", right? Just keeping it real. As for the RE agents and this F.I.R.E. "industries", I think they're just building a home of cards!

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