Are white people the new woo-woo Indians?

Posted On: Thursday - December 21st 2017 9:08AM MST
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Per a favorite commenter of mine, Buffalo Joe, I will pick up the term "woo woo Indians" as it is more evocative than some of the other methods of distinguishing between two different peoples. As related here on the Peak Stupidity blog before, in "First Nations and the Spirits Communities", the recent terminology has been:

a) "Feather" vs. "Dot"
b) "Casino" vs. "Tech Support"

Anyway, in response to the same Pat Buchanan article cited in the last post another comment on unz wrote the following very interesting analogy, in regards to the massive influx of different groups of people to the US:

What America needs is a new national consensus on what is vital to us and what is not, what we are willing to fight to defend and what we are not.

What do you mean “we” kemosabe?

The United States has turned itself into a collection of tribes with very little in common outside of the fact that we work here. What does the white accountant in Minnesota have in common with the black itinerant janitor in Atlanta? What does the Chinese engineer in Seattle have in common with the Mexican bus boy in New Jersey? What does the Jewish lawyer in Chicago have in common with the white truck driver in West Virginia?

There is no “we” in any real sense of the word. There are several tribes that are not bound by race or history (remember American history is now just a long litany of evil white people discriminating against PoC) or culture.

We will fight small wars at the behest of Jews because those wars don’t require the full support of the various American tribes. You can get away with these targeted wars with gung-ho white kids from rural areas and the South.

If I was China or Russia, I’d play nice with the ring-leader of the American tribes, the ultimate tribe. America’s interests are now Jewish interests, so work with those in charge, knowing that every year that passes the United States becomes weaker as the various tribes grow ever more fractious.
By a guy with a lengthy but appropriate name for these times, Mr. Citizen of a Silly Country.

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