Pat Buchanan, still in that ancient mindset ...

Posted On: Thursday - December 21st 2017 8:54AM MST
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... about US military might and economic power. Hey, yeah, it's more pundit-on-pundit stuff here, in a style of post I promised not to write too man of, but this is a general theme the Peak Stupidity blog has been harping on.

Mr. Buchanan also seems to live in the past when he writes about the domestic political scene, as if all "our" politicians in Washington, F.S. still follow Roberts Rules of Order and all that (re: Roy Moore). 2 weeks back or so, this column was about the foreign entanglements President George Washington (first time I've written that W-word without distain in a long while) warned us about way back. Just like my previous criticism of Mr. Buchanan on his old-timey-mindset, I don't disagree with the specifics, but he's not seeing the forest for the trees here either.

My comment to him is nothing really new from Peak Stupidity either, but needs to be reiterated:

Let’s just back up and look at the big picture, Mr. Buchanan and readers. Lets’ leave out all the details about who started which war, whether the US should have been involved, what our strategy should be in the future… blah… blah.

AMERICA! IS! BEYOND! BROKE! Do you people get this?! I don’t mean just even-Stephen broke, like with zero in the bank and no cash flow right now. I mean $20,000,000,000,000 in the hole via Treasury bonds and around 10X that in future obligations – that’s peoples’ pensions promised to them, S. Security, health care obligations and all that.

That’s about 200 large owed per actual taxpaying (not filing, but paying) American family, just for the actual present debt, the 20 Trillion. There’s no way to get out of this hole without hyperinflation or default, either of which will eliminate the US dollar as “real” money.

Besides the fact that the US military is full of women, homos, and assorted trans-what-have-you’s and could not fight any serious enemy, we don’t have any money for more war. What are we going to do, call for a cease-fire with the Chinese to allow the container ships passage with the parts we need for helicopters and missiles?

There’s really no point in even writing about any of these details. We need to stay home and get prepped for what’s coming financially. I like Pat Buchanan, and he has written about Feral budget issues before, but he seems to have a blind spot for the financial aspect of what’s going on in America.

Even Ron Paul's writings about foreign policy, though the gist of it is for America to quit interfering in world affairs, still don't usually bring up this simple point. We are like some spendthrift recent-divorcee that still has the credit cards, blowing money here and there on shoes, hair-styling, and granite countertops, as she hasn't realized yet that the money has to come from somewhere. I guess there's a little bit of Wile E. Coyote in all of us.

Friday - December 22nd 2017 11:40AM MST
PS Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Comment. I hope you didn't lose your first one - I did the same thing before, but this security system is for your own good, as out Feral Gov't kindly reminds us daily. It's those freakin' Russians and Chinese.

You'd think, if you were gonna be a real cyber-warrior, you'd work on hacking into power grids, missile computer controllers and the like. I guess putting unreadable viagra ads in comment sections of the Peak Stupidity blog is TOP! PRIORITY!

Yes, we are not an app. That's not who we are. ;-}. But, good idea for a post. Thanks, Mr. Comment, or can I call you "Don't".
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Thursday - December 21st 2017 10:29PM MST
PS This is good stuff. Yeah, the site (okay, blog) may need a little sprucing up, but your writing has been primo. BTW, now "they" are not only calling programs "apps", but websites are apps, at least when used on so-called smartphones. Amirite? What's up with that? It's just a's not an app. Or is there some distinction I'm not aware of. Furthermore, app is such a short, ugly word. Okay...back to my TV set...I mean, my modern, digital bluetooth-heavy entertainment situation.
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