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Posted On: Monday - December 18th 2017 9:56PM MST
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(Just another thing really funny in that show - the other characters would often make fun of Jerry's job as a comedian when they were ALL comedians!)

I didn't hear those exact words today, but they may have been appropriate. See, the kids with us were arguing about whether the car across the street, parked at the convenience store, was pink or purple. It was fairly dark, but the car was "vibrant" enough for the kids to get excited about it.

"It's PINK!" "No, it's PURPLE! Why are you lying about it?" Firstly, I had to straighten the one out "Just being wrong doesn't make you a liar, do you understand that?" It's just that I had taught him that being a liar was a really bad thing, but he didn't understand that just getting something wrong was not necessarily a lie, even if the teller of this falsehood is persistent as the other little kid was. That doesn't mean it sometime won't be a really bad thing, cough, Communists, cough, cough. Secondly, I will have to have a talk about "sometimes you have to pick your battles" with the kid, maybe tomorrow, along with a short post on it (may as well get some mileage out of this). Lastly, I don't know if the car was PINK or was PURPLE.

OK, this file photo is misleading. We can see the vibrant color of THIS car, and let's just say it's in a vibrant neighborhood.

Here's what I do know and said to my friend in front of the kids: "I don't know for sure what color that car is from here, but I can tell you what color the driver is." I mean, come on! Stereotype much? Sure, I've been around a while. I NOTICE* things because I've seen a lot of things. Well, my friend is not particularly politically correct, but he did say "I've seen some white people drive some weird ...". "Hey, I'll put $50 or $100 on this. We can go over there and wait for the guy to come out." Needless to say we went on our merry way neither knowing for sure the color of that car, nor having exchanged any money.

Is it a BAD thing to make remarks like that? It's not even anything bad about black guys, and there's plenty one could come up with. Yes, they like the colorful stuff, as I noticed way back in school. Who else bought all that FANTA grape and orange soft drink? The 12oz pop-topped steel cans were not gonna jump out of the old machines on their own. The white kids either drank Coke, Pepsi, Royal Crown or Cheer Wine.

Stereotypes are generally true. People get them in their heads via living a while and noticing how people act. These stereotypes can be very helpful in determining what will happen, which is damn important to know. Yes, we all know it's just rude to assume a stereotype must be true for any individual. There must be some black guy out there who absolutely HATES HATES HATES fried chicken, though I have not personally run into him, as of publish date.

Most of these things are pretty harmless anyway, and they can be thought of for any group that has enough people for anyone to care about. Yeah, white people have a thing about being able to ride to work on a bike path, even with $2.35/gallon gas (about the cheapest in real dollars it's been). It's kind of funny and who cares? I'll tell you who cares - the cntrl-left and the Commie types care. I don't think they have much of a sense of humor at all. In fact, I'd like to do a bit of investigating on-line to see if the founders of our country, the pro-freedom guys, had good sense of humor - we already know Ben Franklin did.

* This idea that the current PC and the cntrl-left have a "war on noticing" is from the extreme noticer Steve Sailer. It's a theme of many of his great posts on VDare/unz.com.

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