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Posted On: Tuesday - December 12th 2017 6:54PM MST
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Yeah, not our normal type of blogging here, but I got busy making comments on other sites. It's kind of addictive - hey, you should try it here!

A man named Boyd D. Cathey has an excellent long article on Unz Review called "Black & White in Culturally Marxist America". Some conservatives or alt-right like, and some don't the term "Cultural Marxist". We have lambasted and will continue to lambast Commies (33 posts) and Socialists (4 posts), but we use the term "cntrl-left" (24 posts) for the people Mr. Cathey is describing.

The reference to Mr. Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, is here just because we will link here with no excerpt at all, as this article his so good that you must READ! THE! WHOLE! THING! That's Instapundit's thing, lots and lots of short posts to point out stuff worth reading. Well, here's just one tonight (maybe just a song later one).

This Boyd Cathey is a Southerner from what I can tell. Besides his name being Southern, he recalls his time at the Univ. of Virginia in the 1970's when he saw this cultural marxism in it's more mellow state. It still reminded him of the worst of the Commies. He mentions WUNC, a TV station obviously in Chapel Hill, NC, so that's mainly why I figure he's a Southerner. He is a fairly low-key guy though I've read his name before. A duckduckgo search showed him hidden fairly well, and the 1st link was to the $PLC, the most-well known hate group, as they hate lots and lots of people, and lots and lots of organizations. Would we like that Peak Stupidity appear on the rolls of the $PLC? Would we EVER! Put in a good word for us, please, reader.

Mr. Boyd's blurb from that link starts off with: "Boyd Cathey has been involved in several extremist movements,...". That's all I need to know. I'm down with this guy. Or (per Insta.):


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