About our peakstupidity future - Part 2

Posted On: Friday - December 8th 2017 8:54PM MST
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(continued from here)

You'd think a young website would take some stock of itself and get off it's ass!

I just wanted to finish on the plans, if you could call them that, for the future of Peak Stupidity.

One more thing on the content - I have not put up much music lately. Partly, that's because I've only been putting in the youtube clips lately when the song has something to do with the post. I can go back to just putting up some really good songs up here, at least 2 or 3 times per week. I have got figure out how to get the embedded videos to show in Windows Explorer too... this leads me to the next section.

Yes, Peak Stupidity is a pretty crude site, but I would like to keep things simple. There is no javascript or any other scripting on the client side to slow down loading of pages. Right now, however, all one can do is read the 15 or so posts on each page, then go to OLDER POSTS. One can comment, something we'd really appreciate, but, granted, there is no way to edit submitted posts and no way to keep track of who's whom. That last part is low priority, right now, with the only occasional comment. Remember to write the two characters "PS" at the beginning, as ...

I don't want any of those agitators. You're not one of those outside agitators? I hate that. Peak Stupidity won't stand for it!*

I want to put more navigation methods here, and that will not be so hard really. Probably, there'll be a drop-down box, with the option of alphabetical or chronological ordering of posts to allow selection. A search of just Peak Stupidity would be nice too. The one hang-up I'd like to overcome first is the stupid display of the page at locations down in the white space. Yes, I DO KNOW ABOUT THIS. It is not a very simple ANCHOR tag problem though. The php software creates the page and I have tried to find out how to get the location at least just to the top every time, much less exactly where I want it. Any help would be appreciated.

Yeah, the same simple HTML for embedding youtube videos works just fine on the unz site (easy enough to copy to test). There must be some header setting or what-have-you to make it work in Explorer though. I don't want to be one of those guys who says "You've got to use version 10.3 of this browser, with javascript enabled to see my site". Hell, nobody needs to read most websites that badly, right? Therefore, I will do more work in researching a solution for this.

As far as formatting, besides an addition to the blogroll, with an appropriate review, once in a while, not much will change. It it does it'll be small changes. I hate revamping of anything for no reason - that's a salesmen and marketing people thing, and I want no part of it. As written in the short post about "Clippy" and other annoyances with software, a tool should just work the same way every time, and software is nothing but tools, usually written by tools.

* (Yes, the Berzerkely landlord in "The Graduate" was also Mr. Roper, the landlord in "Three's Company", whose job it was to make sure Jack Tripper didn't boink either Chrissy or Janet.)

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