Just when I thought I was out, SHE! PULLS! ME! BACK! IN!

Posted On: Thursday - December 7th 2017 6:41AM MST
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Yeah, we WISH! The point is, though, that we have just stated our intention to keep up more of the original writing here at the Peak Stupidity blog rather than just lots of excerpt/rebuttal or excerpt/"right-on!" posts. Well, Miss Ann Coulter has been a favorite since she came around from being a pro-GOP, neocon pundit most of a decade ago, and her latest column, about the Roy Moore (Free Spirit - Alabama) senatorial election deserves a SHOUT OUT!

I will only put the last short paragraph in here, as, again, READ THE WHOLE THING! (too much SHOUTING OUT!?):

The media say that Republicans support Moore just because they want another GOP vote in the Senate. I support Moore just because I hate the media.
We have no rebuttal here, but it's always good to get the last word, at least on your own damn blog. Oh, one thing, Ann, it's the Lyin' Press - after all, YOU are part of the real media (truth seekers) - welcome to the party, pallette!

Yes, I like a free spirit like Roy Moore, (see here and here) even though I'd bet he's not a true conservative, more of a showman. Anything to poke a stick at the Lyin' Press and both the blue and red wings of The Party establishment would get my vote - I just don't live in Alabama - don't dox me, bro - you've got 56 states to go, according to Øb☭ma.

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