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Posted On: Tuesday - December 5th 2017 5:52AM MST
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"About your blogfuture ... just one word ... Peakstupidity."

"Sir, that's 2 words ..."*

Since our 500th and blogversary post was over a week ago, let us write a post here about the blogfuture of Peak Stupidity. First off, don't worry readers, as this will not be some big change that will ruin the site for you as you know it. Keep in mind, that the Peak Stupidity blog has been, and will be, all about curmudeonry, from post 1 onwards! Just like you, we don't want change just for change's sake. I will write here about the future style of blog-posting, the content "going forward", formatting changes (if any), and the improvement of site usability.

By "style" here, I don't mean formatting, just the blogging method on the continuum from Instapundit-style quick blurbs pointing out other writings on the web (50 times a day) to the long essays once-a-week type style. I'd like to post at least once a day, but closer to 2. It's easy to do more than that when most of them are simply posts that excerpt and comment-on other good articles relating to the Peak Stupidity interests. These are always articles that I feel are worth reading. However, the reader can just "read the whole things" there, as we urge, and possibly have not that much interest in the Peak Stupidity ideas themselves. On these type posts, I will continue to have at least 1/2 of the writing be my commentary. As an opposing example, the writer Brenda Walker on VDare.com, when writing these types of posts, tends to excerpt big passages from the Lyin' Press with not enough commentary, especially at the bottom. You've got to get that last word in, to fight the stupidity! (This is is no way a big criticism of Mrs. Walker, who writes well about the human and environmental cost of our immigration invasion.) I also don't want to get too much into the pundit-on-pundit relationships and feuds that are all over the web. "Mr. X of Breitbart wrote that that Politico guy's tweet regarding the unz article on Y, is blah, blah..." Sometimes, the pundits would be well-served to be reminded that 90% of Americans have not heard of ANY of them! The point is to get the ideas to the people that can make a difference, and that is mostly just the American public, but they are still all ON! THE! DAMN! TV! half the day, so what is the point?

I'd like to have a majority of longer essays of my own writing. I will point out here that my style is to write without many references in these posts. The continually looking-up of details on the web just slows me down. I don't want factually-wrong stuff in the posts, of course, so I look up the occasional item. If you don't see enough detail on some of the longer essays, it's because I can't write that way without taking forever to finish. I want to lay out the general ideas, and detail will appear when they are needed, such as in post which has simple calculations, as in the Financial Stupidity writings.

Finding content for a blog about Peak Stupidity is like finding a needle in ... like, a sewing shop. There is no problem finding material of all kinds, and there may be a few more topic keys to add yet, for content that doesn't fit with any of the existing ones. We have not focused on the financial stupidity enough lately. This is the variety of stupidity of most importance, in my opinion, as, when the financial stupidity peaks and our country and/or much of the world has the mother of financial crashes, soon enough, this will foretell the peak of all stupidity. As written about in our "What is peek stoopidity?" introduction on the left side, the stupid will be neither fashionable nor feasible once things "get real", as the survival blogs say. It may be time for more on the prepping topic too, come to mention it. Other musings on economics will be made in future posts - not about the elasticity of demand, so much as just which parts of that whole "science" field are just bogus, and why.

Because politics is inherently stupid, there will be no lack of post on politics in general, as it's so easy to come up with ideas to write about on that topic. Just read the headlines on Drudge any day of the week, and you will think things have gotten so stupid, the world must be ending shortly. Hell, I would really think that, if I didn't know about our financial turmoil to come.

I didn't want to leave out the curmudgeon-type writing, as that is not only the easiest writing, especially when it gets humorous, but the ideas come like mad. It's also the type that involves just original writing with no references usually. I mean, why rag on some modern stupidity that another pundit has already ragged on - like, say an Ann Coulter (favorite of mine) with an article on "Ever notice that these cheap tampons don't ever ... anymore? (NO, not a real article, but you get the point.) A curmudeon's gotta come up with his own bit.

OK, part 2 of this will be about the plans for improving the usability of this site and about any formatting changes, if at all.

* It is a big enough assumption to make, that all our readers have seen the classic movie "The Graduate", so I will in no way assume that they have seen the movie with this take-off on the one "PLASTICS!" scene from The Graduate. It's from the movie "My Tutor" - one could call it B-grade, but compared to present-day movies, it's probably an A+. All I remember, besides the sizzlin' hot tutor, is that scene in which the Oriental guy (not so PC in the day of that movie) says to the young guy "One word for your future - COMPUTER CHIP!" "Uh, that's 2 words".

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