Kate Steinle's murderer, at least woman-slaughterer, aquitted

Posted On: Friday - December 1st 2017 9:21AM MST
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(Picture taken from VDare.com)

If I were of a certain persuasion, and lived a bit closer to the jurisdiction (San Francisco), and had more time on my hands, this would be a good occasion for joining a riot or at least to get a , I'm mean on, TV. However, I don't see the white people rioting over this grievous injustice. It's not who we are, and it wouldn't do any good until we learn to riot correctly.

One can read about this case all over the internet, with great detail at VDare.com, so this will be one of those mostly cut-and-paste posts. I have read the 130-odd comments (so far) under Steve Sailer's blog post at unz.com. Since I couldn't have done a better job at this myself, I am just pasting in one of the comments (also featured in the post by Sailer) by one Auntie Analogue:
If You’re Going To San Francisco Wear Some Armor When You’re There

If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear your armor and beware
If you’re going to San Francisco
Foreign felons get away with murder there

Aliens who come to San Francisco
juries will be your love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Kate was murdered, the jury did not care

All across the nation, endless foreign invasion
People in motion
Endless foreign invasion, lawless exoneration
People in motion, justice dead by implosion

For those who come to San Francisco
Be sure to wear your armor and beware
Justice ain’t done in San Francisco
Kate Steinle died and the jury did not care

Alien felons, San Francisco
Juries are your love-in there.
Additionally, I will paste in the best summation of this madness, the sheer anarcho-tyranny of it, from a commenter that goes by Dr. X:
This is absurd beyond belief. California has implemented some of the most drastic, unconstitutional gun laws in the country — which, of course, only affect law-abiding, taxpaying, home-owning, job-holding citizens who have a LOT to lose if they violate them.

Conversely, an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times and had a felony record shoots an innocent bystander and gets off with no homicide conviction. This is the very definition of anarcho-tyranny.

Even if the shooting was an accident (and frankly I don’t know how the defense was able to “prove” that it was, other than the mere assertion of the defendant ) they guy still should have been convicted of some kind of homicide charge, such as manslaughter or criminally-negligent homicide.

This is nuts. California is nuts. This f-ing country is nuts.
Anarcho-tyranny, indeed. Additionally, the lame-ass (I'm no lawyer and I don't have much info. on the actual trial) excuse of the guy just taking shots at some seals brings up two things. Dangerous negligence like this still should result in a manslaughter charge. This guy got let off on almost everything.

Secondly is the thing about that excuse about aiming to shoot some seals, or sea lions, or some damn sea mammal. Imagine what kind of trouble a white guy would have gotten into for doing that even without an accidental murder involved. Even if you were to mention THINKING about shooting at some sea lionx to your average white San Franciscan, you’d know he (probably she) would never speak to you again.

The treehuggers will let anything ruinous to America slide, just as the Sierra Club decided 20 years ago that talking about the environmental problem of too many people is a big no-no. That one was about the money to begin with, but once the cntrl-left takes over, all the real environmental/conservation stuff takes a back seat to the gaining of POWER. It’s just about power. I mean, the USSR was not a treehuggers paradise, to be generous.

So, power of the cntrl-left and dieversity comes first over sea mammals, even the cute ones… even the cute land mammals that end up in an early grave.

We used to just be kidding when we said California is the land of fruits and nuts (errr, at least the nuts part).

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