Future Alabama Honorable Senator Roy Moore and Going Native

Posted On: Thursday - November 30th 2017 6:41PM MST
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Earlier today, Peak Stupidity argued with Pat Buchanan's column explaining how this Senate candidate's election is important for getting Supreme Court justices in place to implement this, use the Senate rules for the other thing ... blah blah. Our problem is not with the logic but with the assumption that the whole political world is like that of the 1970's. We then listed 4 reasons to attempt to explain why politicians, including judges, will "go native" once they have been in Washington, FS for some time. We don't mean this in a good way, either, as "going native" means fitting in and becoming one with the Washington, Federal Shithole crowd that creates laws that turn the rest of America into a different kind of shithole.

Peak Stupidity has mentioned Roy Moore of Alabama and his US Senate campaign before, Now, Roy Moore has been dinged, along with a bunch of the Hollywood crowd, on some alleged harassment thing. I don't particularly care what happens to most of them, let the left eat it's own, I say. I don't care what most of these people did either - it doesn't bother me a bit. I don't even care if Roy Moore was a bit of a perv, or a full-blown prevert for that matter, though I have no evidence and ain't looking. He is pissing off a lot of the insiders in national politics, as was the case with Donald Trump, and that alone is a reason I'd vote for him were I registered in Alabama.

I don't want to repeat 1/3 of my last post, so you may want to refer back to that top-4 list of "reasons politicians go native". (Yeah, I wish it were just a Dave Letterman joke.) The fact that Roy Moore stands up to the establishment rules out #3, his being a ringer. You may not agree with the man, but he stands on unchanging principles, which rules out #1 and #2. # 4, the blackmailing thing is a big part of the reason I'd like this guy to be a senator. If dirt's being dug up on Mr. Moore now, all over the place, than what's to dig up later? It's all out in the open, and guess what, nobody cares a whole lot anymore about this stuff, at least the mundane stuff that's not up to the sickness of the Hollywood crowd and some of the highest-level politicians.

It's hard for the Deep State to handle a guy like this, and that is may be the same with President Trump.

There's one more point I want to make about the lies that come from either wing of The Party, in this case the Red-colored one. I've seen word written by pundits [yeah, WTF do they know? - Ed.] to the effect of "The conservatives in the House and Senate don't want to have to put up with another guy who puts his foot in his mouth, like some "Akin" guy..." etc. BULL! That's not what this is about. They want a guy that will be an upstanding member of their Senate CLUB. That's really not about what the guy will spout off about, but whether he will toe the line on the legislation, making sure the right things happen, no matter who gets to put in an occasional "Nay" vote for the constituents' sake. George Carlin said it best: "It's a big club, and you ain't in it." Roy Moore doesn't plan to join, and that worries the establishment deeply. GOOD! TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM!

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