1 year of stupidity and counting (500th post)

Posted On: Tuesday - November 28th 2017 10:55PM MST
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Yea! It's our 1st Blogversity here!

Yes, one year ago, on November 28th 2016, Peak Stupidity was loosed on the world with FIRST POST - Am I a curmudgeon?:

OK, I'm going live after messing with this URL and my doctored-up blog software on-and-off for longer than I want to admit right now.

I will try to keep a lot of humor in my posts as I write about the crazy, stupid, and once-in-a-while decent things going on in the country and the world. You can see this in the banner above and the "What is ...?" link on the left. However, I will probably come off as a curmudgeon much of the time.
It is not a complete coincidence that this is POST #500 also, as I have accelerated posting just a bit over the last 2 weeks to make this number.

That brings up a good point - what kind of blog is this supposed to be? Well, our "about" page tries to describe the content. We try to point out and discuss stupidity of all flavors, with right at 30 topic keys already. If Peak Stupidity has been remiss at fulfilling any part of our mission statement, it is probably in explaining the causes of the different "flavors" if you will, of stupidity. We have not made any effort in predicting time lines, or just how far we are from the stupidity peak. Math is hard.

"What kind of blog is this?" is a question about the style of the blog too. That has morphed just slightly since Post 1, one year back. Blogs, good and bad, run the gamut of posting frequency and average post-length. There is no physical law, but for a given amount of effort being spent, this is a constant, call it "C" (for Constant!) - we don't care. You've got your Instapundits with very short blurbs scores of times daily to link to articles elsewhere to a few I've read that post 10 page essays once a month or so. There are those that excerpt outside articles every time, and others that come completely from the writer's head. Peak Stupidity has moved slightly since Post 1 toward longer, less-frequent posts, and stayed about the same as far as alternating original stuff vs. the "look at what these idiots (or geniuses) are saying" posts. The average of only (500 post/365 days = ) ~ 1.4 posts/day is about 50% lower than that of the 1st month, but the posts probably average more than 2x as long, so there's more effort now.

Commenting hasn't been used much, but that does not perturb the staff here. It is not a sophisticated system, and thus could prove a bunch of work. However, readership has been increasing steadily with the exception of the high month of October '17 with the anomaly of our Russian (IPs anyway) commenting bots having gone crazy then been curtailed via our simple commenting bot-stopper:

Numbers purposefully obscured for this one graph:

Just a core of steady readers is what I'd like to see here. More is better, but so long as I know there are people reading, I'll continue the writing. Changes to fix the poor navigation and problems (yes, Explorer doesn't show youtube vids) will come in due time.

PS - in reference to last post, the computer-tech stupidity/curmudgeonry complaint therein was a follow up from Post 1! It read ... let me write about Windows software another time..." See, we get around to things eventually!

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