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Posted On: Thursday - December 1st 2016 3:23PM MST
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After writing 4 posts here over 3 days (believe me, the pace will accelerate, as I have tons of posts in my head), I realized that, so far, none of the posts talk about the idea of this blog, as advertised in the URL, banner, and in the article "What is Peek Stoopiditee?" to the left.

What I need to mention now is zerohedge.com, the first link I have on the blogroll. That site is still half financial big-picture stuff and about half politics, both US and international. It used to be more like 80% financial, as I recall the site 5 years back.

It's not like either my political leanings (libertarian/conservative) or financial dealings (conservative) were not already set in stone when I first viewed zerohedge in the summer of '11. The website, and moreso, its commenters, just present great big-picture explanations about debt, money, and so forth that really sink in after years of reading. There's no way to explain any of the big concepts in one blog post, and I think economics is just hard to wrap one's mind around. It's not hard in the same way as math, science, and engineering, in fact, one has to sift through much BS from the "experts" in the field before getting an understanding the real concepts of money.

I bring this web site up here to expand on what I wrote here as I believe the coming inevitable world-wide financial crash to come will be the most likely cause of crash in stupidity levels. By the last part, I don't mean that there couldn't be (and there already is, in a small way) a general awakening to the ridiculous PC and other nonsense that causes the great peak in stupidity to pass, but I think the financial crash is imminent and will happen first.

There are enough mega-stupid ideas put forth each day in this country to keep 100 bloggers like me in business. I will try to steer my posts, or at least 1 or 2 per day, toward the ridicule of said ideas.

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