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Posted On: Monday - November 27th 2017 6:12PM MST
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Steve Sailer notes an article written by the west coast branch of the Lyin' Press that points to almost Peak Gall. The writer, a black lady who lives in Inglewood, California, seemed a mite upset that she ran into a ... gasp! ... white lady walking her dog, which might be leading to gentrification by white people, now up to 3% of the population of that city (just west of LAX airport in the Los Angeles basin).LA times lady:
All I could think was: White folks abandoned Inglewood, and now they’re coming back with no memory or acknowledgment of all that, expecting neighborliness?
I don't think they abandoned the neighborhood lightly... it got too dangerous to stay. Now, some urban pioneers, grandkids, perhaps of the ones who couldn't live there anymore 5 decades back, want to try to clean it up. Peak Stupidity has written fairly long post about gentrification before, using that same word "pioneers"* These urban pioneers would like people to be neighborly, sure, but I don't think that's as important to them as just not having riots, continual property theft, and gang riots. You don't have to crank up the welcome wagon. LA Times lady again:
… But black people in particular will feel the sting. We will be out not just apartments and homes we can afford to rent or pay the mortgage on. We will lose our space, our place.

It’s an enduring American truth: Whatever black people have can be taken away.
Yeah, if you call selling your house, "having it taken away", I guess ... but that deal is not as bad as having your family's safety taken away, is it? Yeah, the white people sold their houses, and some others are buying houses now - pretty much on the up-and-up. Rather than pissing-and-moaning you Inglewoodians could spend that energy fixing up your houses or teaching the young ones not to hate, steal, and kill, so the property values would stay high.

DON'T GENTRIFY US, BRO! Perhaps the only reason to stop in Inglewood, California.

Inglewood was almost all black during Fred Sandford's, Lamont's, and Aunt Esther's time (maybe they were in Compton?). So, Sailer, being a statistics guy AND a resident of Los Angeles, easily notes the sheer gall of the writer to complain when:
Inglewood in the 2010 Census was 51% Hispanic, 44% black, and 3% white. The mayor is still black though, but half the City Council is Latino.
Let me get this straight - Hispanics have moved in and live in over half the city, yet there were no complaints about gentrification. Is that saying that the Hispanics don't fix things up very well? Isn't that, like ... racist, or ethnicitist, or something? Or is it maybe, that they couldn't give a rat's ass about your complaints - "we don't need no steeenking altuism!"

Oh, and a bit more gall to top it off. The writer's deceased husband was a white guy. They moved to Inglewood together. OK, that's enough gall for today, over and out.

* "Pioneers" is an interesting word to use, but part of the lingo of the gentrification issue. It has connotations that make one think of people who take risks to live out in the wilderness among the wild animals. Can you still say it, then? .... cause, you know ...

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