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Posted On: Monday - November 27th 2017 10:14AM MST
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"All the Federales say, we could have had them any day, we only let them 30,000,000 slip away ... out of kindness, I suppose..."

OK, that sounded good for the headline, but we don't mean the Mexican Federales; this post is pointing out an article by the VDare writer psuedonamed "Federale" whom Peak Stupidity has quoted before here regarding Elon Musk and Global Climate DisruptionTM nonsense and here regarding a southern border wall/fence. As we stated, this guy is an ex-US-Federale and has lots of insider knowledge on the Border Patrol and politics within the Fed government agencies that are supposed ONE! FREAKIN! THING! for us. (Why did we bother with the Constitution, if they won't even do the one thing we formed their sorry asses for?)

Mr. Federale at VDare has been feeling a bit more optimistic than he has been, writing that "Illegals Are Starting To Feel The Trump Heat"
Your correspondent has been critical, and justly so, of the Trump Administration immigration program. In the defense of the Administration, much of their problems have been outside their control, though not all. DACA was major blunder, but sabotage by #DeepState Resisters has also been a major problem.

But there are some good signs. Importantly the Trump Administration has illegal aliens living in fear. Fear is the mind killer, and the illegal aliens and their enablers in the #LyingPress are not happy. And frightening illegal aliens was something I advised, nothing like a panic to encourage illegal aliens to leave.
[NOTE: He has links on VDare that don't show here.]
Federale quotes a worried NYT writer named Vivian Lee, who is completely impartial in the matter of immigration, as she is a "member of the JOURNALISM PROFESSION". Illegal invaders are crouching down in the roach coaches, not making it to school, skipping MS-13 gang meetings, and worse, apparently. To the Peak Stupidity staff the article is nothing if not heartwarming.

Along with Mr. Federale, I (and the great/lovely Ann Coulter) have not been pleased with President Trump's missing of many opportunities to do things within his power to at least not make the immigration problems worse. This article makes it sound like there are at least some good people in this branch of the Feral Gov. that have been left to do their jobs to some degree:
And it might appear that there are secret orders out to ICE ERO on the issue. Word has come to your correspondent that ICE ERO and the Border Patrol have restarted interior enforcement, and not just arresting criminal aliens, absconders, and previous deportees, the ostensive subjects of “targeted enforcement” that saboteurs like David Marin keep babbling on about.
That is one decent positive thing due to action by the President. Peak Stupidity maintains that, for right now, just the fear of trouble will in itself cause the benefits that Federale's article touts:
While this has not reached problem areas like San Francisco, is CP and AC on the way back to the Sanctuary Cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles? I hopes so, and I encourage Thomas Homan and President Trump to expand CP and AC to those areas defying immigration law. Operation Wetback, it worked, but keep it on the down low; first rule of Operation Wetback is don’t talk about Operation Wetback.
(Gotta like the "Fight Club" reference, even though the movie sucks.) As we've said before, though, regarding other subjects, reputations don't last forever, when there is nothing real to back it up. This is at least some real action, but the fear that may drive some invaders to just go on home will not last without steady pressure from real policies.

Again, please read the whole article, as besides giving a better picture, VDare always has scores of links in their articles. (I can't pop them all in here due to time constraints.)

Not your Daddy's Federales!
(They've put on some weight in the new Mexican non-Siesta-based high-powered economy.) I'd take the one on the left only, so long as she could make a mean carne burrito

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