Retro Classic Autos... a boomer nostalgia thing I guess

Posted On: Saturday - November 25th 2017 7:57PM MST
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I came along the first of these I've ever seen cruising down the highway today... trying to pass to the right when the left (the passing) lane was slowed behind an unprofessional semi-driver:

I can leave the rest of the comments on the ignorance of most American drivers on the idea of passing lanes, acceleration lanes, etc. for a post to come, but this is just a short comment on these retro cars.

It started with the new "Beetle", I guess, right at the end of last century, that I will never call a "BUG". People had nostalgia for the formerly ubiquitous (really through about that time) ACTUAL VW Beetle. Hey, just buy an old one and fix it, that was the point of those cars - they were so easy to work on, that bailing wire and a pair of pliers would get it back on the road half the time. Well, the new beetles were NOT air-cooled, making them right away not the same simple design. That was the baby boomer generation thing, once they got up in age a bit. "I want one of these again, but I don't want to have to do the work I used to."

Next was the retro muscle cars, starting with the Mustang, maybe 10 years back or more now. I was tempted on that one, but the gas prices were shooting up at the time. They've got the retro-Dodge Challengers now, and the retro-Chevy Camaros. They do look kind of cool but not the same. All of them have nice shapes to them, as they remind us of 50 year-ago automobiles that ruled the roads. They even look much smoother, cleaner and brighter, but face it, old farts, that Mustang is NOT a '69 original, yet that lady riding with you in it IS! I bet you'd like it the other way around, would it have been better if you had died before you got old, as Roger Daltrey sang? It' tough getting old, especially when you're stupid, or something like that, as that guy, what's his name... that Lil Wayne or somebody said.

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