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Posted On: Saturday - November 25th 2017 7:27PM MST
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All it takes for THESE bastards is cats, traps or poison.
Wish we could say the same for the Commies.

Peak Stupidity is on-board with the analogy to cockroaches. Instead of a yearly time scale for the cycle of growing to be a nuisance, be fought back with everything we've got until squashed to a pulpy mess, and coming back in the early summer, the Commies seem to be on some kind of century-long cycle. We posted before, back in the summer, on the goings on in American history right at one century ago, again +/- 5 years.

We'll refer to world history in this post, as the Communist ideas certainly did not arise in America, but were brought over from the Old World. Going back to the middle of the century before, the mid-1800's we come to Karl Marx, the alleged father of Communism. The ideas have probably been around much longer, but Marx, in a pretty boring screed (according to a friend who attempted to get through it - not my idea of a good time either), came up with a motivation for "the people" whoever the hell that really means, to work for this entirely unworkable utopia. It's too much (except for this one) for this blog and been written about all over elsewhere how the Frankfort school and other followers of Marx infested their way into the institutions of America. Here, we maintain that it is not likely some big overriding conspiracy to destroy American, but just people with the same stupid ideas working independently on it.

Why the post now? Well, I've just personally read about 3 downright idiotic articles on (of all places) that promote Communism or glorify it's sordid history. Firstly, I don't link to stupidity, I just describe it. Of the articles, one was an article praising Mao Zedong the Commie butcher tyrant of Red China, like he was the cat's mao, or something. Another was about all the good things the Russians received (in the ass) from the mass murderer Lenin, Bolshevik co-founder of Russian Communism ("co-" initially, till he had his partner murdered with an ice axe - just another statistic there...), and a 3rd one too stupid to even remember. Hey, as I noted to Mr. Unz, I understand that your site purports to provide "A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media", but man, I didn't know that included material only found at the absolute apex of stupidity. I just don't want to have a hyperlink on the Peak Stupidity blogroll to a nest of Commies, that's all. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, I guess that my noticing of those articles at the present day may not in and of itself mean the 2nd coming of the Reds, but it's just the extreme ignorance of the present generation of young people, which was bound to happen, that may let history repeat. I say "bound to happen", as there are 30-year-olds who know nothing of the Cold War now, and never really got to even hear from their parents of the brutality and misery of Communism in the Soviet Union, the East Bloc, Red China, Cuba, Cambodia, and all the rest of places where entire human lifetimes were wasted. They don't read about and won't hear much anymore about all the dear leaders who gave this economically and psychologically unnatural system of living their best shot(s, to the "right" people's heads). They didn't get to hear personally from the apologists in the West, who insisted that Communism is great, but it just hasn't been implemented right this time ... maybe next time, after they spent years denying the atrocities it caused. This is all too far back in history for them.

That's what happens by a century after the last time (dated from the time of the Bolshevik Commie take-over of Russia, almost exactly a century ago this evening). People forget. That's not individuals, but a population as a whole forgets the hard lessons, and we have to hear from these "new" Commies crawling out of the woodwork telling us the same bullshit their century-ago bullshitters told our ancestors. We've got lots of cats... we've tried "commie motels" (we call them "Universities" now) ... they just come back the next century anyway.

Do they make Hot Shot powder in railway hopper car quantities for this type of infestation?

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