These are not your Father's illegal aliens

Posted On: Wednesday - November 22nd 2017 7:49PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

Peak Stupidity used the term "Chicanos" in reference to the most-likely illegal "film" narrator and participants in the US Hwy-101 blocking display of force(?) discussed in the previous post. (The scene was described nicely by Steve Sailer.) Readers may (or may not, I don't care) notice that Peak Stupidity uses a lot of retro terminology, especially for place names. This is not done to confuse the reader, but just to piss of the people who need pissing off.

Anyway, the comments under the iSteve article included this:
Who is old enough to have watched this in the evening on bulbous glass TV with wood finishing?

along with a reply from one of our favorite commenters:
Nah, I was too engrossed in "Chico and the Man"* to (GET UP and) change stations. That was back when men were men, you were pretty sure the Charlies Angels were women, Hispanics were Chicanos, and TV’s were furniture.

* Immigrants were pretty cool back then. The lady in the video is not your father’s immigrant. To think back to the day when the biggest threat we had from Mexico was from the Frito Bandito:

Even, then, they weren't sending their best.

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