Dealing with tragic reality and the women's vote

Posted On: Monday - November 20th 2017 8:51AM MST
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As usual, this post is not timely with the news that spurred the idea of a post, but we get kind of random here at Peak Stupidity anyway with the order of things. It's all a big ball of stupid, and sometimes we've got to just cut into it with a machete rather than try to unravel it carefully.

How to deal with this?

The DrudgeReport website (written about here, here, and here) had a number of headlines together a few weeks back after that church shooting by the madman in that small town, Sutherland, Texas. I'm always careful to see where the links go (status bar on the bottom on a computer, but how do you know on a tablet?) before clicking to either the Lyin Press like NYT, WaPo, or what-have-you, OR any of the sites that I know to be full of ads, hence 1 - 2 minute wait times until the screen stops fucking moving, and I can read the text. Yes, this latter thing annoys me immensely.

One of the headlines of about 8 of them regarding the Sutherland massacre was something like "8 in family killed". This post's intention is not to write about guns, though maybe a whole lot more should be written about the cntrl-left's multi-decade program of emptying out mental hospitals (almost every one of these shootings was perpetrated by a guy that should have been kept away from people somewhere or was on drugs in lieu of being kept away from people somewhere.) That being written about anyway, haha, no, the point of this post is about tragedies and the ways of men vs. women in dealing with them.

See, the headline leads to an article I don't really want to read about. It is horrible to lose one family member in this way, but almost all of a big family would be that much worse. I can't begin to know how sad the remaining family members would be. All one can do is try to figure out how to prevent something like this in one's own "backyard", so to speak. I should say, as a man, all one can do ... See, for women, their feelings can be very strong and will override all logical thinking. This is why that particular headline was the on Drudge - to get the women's clicks (Matt Drudge links to some good stories and is somewhat conservative, but I can tell it's still clicks above all else for him.) The women who click and read that article can get their feelings-fix for the day (good or bad, in this case bad.)

Now, I wrote two paragraphs above already that this is a mental health problem above all else. That is just the area of our culture/society that should be discussed in order to make any in-roads in trying to prevent another occurrence like this. Some on the cntrl-left may of course try to push for more gun control, but the public has gotten at least smart enough to not buy that anymore. The problem we have is that the women's feelings, as they override logical thinking, will aid in pushes for more stupidity. Well, it wouldn't be a problem, if the women readers would just cry a bit, get on facebook to give condolences, and do some therapeutic tweeting. The problem is, they vote in elections too. This big mistake has cost our society dearly.

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