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Posted On: Saturday - November 18th 2017 7:26PM MST
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Way back, more than 3 months ago, Peak Stupidity posted "Credit? Forget it! You got it? You get it!", a post about most Americans' spendthrift habits. People live paycheck-to-paycheck that don't have to. Then there are lots that are not well-off, and have to partially due to necessity and partially due to thinking things are necessities that are not. You could say that this is all their own business.

Sure, if you don't care what happens in the long short run (now) to your country, yeah. It's this Ron Unz comment on his own site * underneath (another good) John Derbyshire post. ** Mr. Unz's comment mentions various pundits and how their writing is conformist to the current PC narrative due to their needing to keep their current pundit-jobs,
The key factor underlying much of this sort of thing is the extreme financial fragility of DC pundits and thinktankers, and their abject terror at risking the unemployment lines. Basically, if the CEO of Coke announces a new soft drink strategy, all his mid-level marketing people naturally get into line behind it, and the exact analogy is true of all these “mainstream opinion journalists.”

Well, pundits are not a significant percentage of the population, even if you do get down to the Peak Stupidity level. That small group does not matter to the economy. However, this brings up my point again from that previous article about how Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and with as much debt as possible. This limits lots of American's ability to fight the system, especially the hard-core degenerate PC stuff coming down from on-high in the big corporations. People don't feel like they can afford to resist in the least bit. To self-quote ourselves again here:
Let me now get to the point of why this way of living also results in a big increase in the control-freak, Orwellian police state society. Let me go back to that "living paycheck-to-paycheck" phrase. Here's what's the problem with that, aside from the normal worries about the monthly struggle to pay down all the STUFF: One loses much control of his direction in life when he is tied in to the incoming salary on a very short time-line. Let me put this better as an example. I've been reading about the fired Google-guy who wrote a simple, in-my-opinion still PC, memo about the whole male/female differences thing. (This post is not about the particulars, and, as to be expected, Steve Sailer is all over it here, here, here, here, and here.). This guy may come out of this with a job soon, just because this situation has gotten lots of attention. That doesn't happen to the average employee, however, and it can't. The closer you are bound to your job via your tight month-to-month budget, the less likely you will quit, speak-out, or even push-back a slight bit, when you are harassed with all the mass stupidity. You are not a free agent if you live like this - you are much more beholden to your employer and must be more of a suck-up, a kiss-ass, whatever it entails, to the dieversity and PC-crap than if you had a year or two's salary put away to find a new job or even a new career and leave the stupidity behind! [Links are only in the original post.]

* Mr. Unz created a very nicely-working web site, with lots of good content (it's one of only 4 sites on the blogroll). However, he has featured a number of flat-out screamin-Commies as contributors lately (feel a post in my gut right now...). Mr. Unz's fairly-rare, occasional comments don't make him out to be the wisest guy we've heard from either, or even close. This one was worth reading, though, as it is cogent and brought up this post.

** Mr. Derbyshire's post relates to the Peak Stupidity post "On Charlottesville again - cntrl-left is picking up the pace". We did not specifically use any expression involving "masks coming off", but I somehow thought there was a post saying this. Anyway, it's well worth reading.

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