Zerohedge promotes Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 8:01PM MST
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No, no link to us, but at least they used our term in the first line in one of their usual articles on financial woes of Americans yesterday, thusly:
As the storm clouds of peak stupidity gather over the heads of the millennial generation who were conned by banks, government, and universities to take out excessive amounts of leverage in auto loans, credit cards, and student debt; millions have flocked to a new website seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’ and or even ‘Sugar Mommies’ to pay off their debt amid an economic environment where wage growth remains non-existent. [I had to remove ZH's bold, and put my own there.]
The funny thing is, I only clicked on this particular article due to the enticing name "Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment - Here's How". OK, ZeroHedge, you got me again with your girly picture on the main page and especially this headline. Hey, don't bother, horny readers, there is no blown-up picture on the article page (besides some pretty good graphs, especially compared to ZH's usually crappy graphs). There is no "Here's How!" either. The 2nd half of the article on this finance topic was very good, though having not a whole lot to do with the headline.

It's kind of funny, as this one is by "Tyler Durden", not a guest, and it's on ZeroHedge's core material, the financial state of people, companies and governments. They just must not be having enough readers click on those types of articles without some enticement. Yes, I felt like a sucker, but then one of the graphs is a decently made and gives good info. so it may appear here later - not a total loss not getting to see here's how the college chicks do tricks, after all.

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