Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 7:56AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

Hey, if you don't even know what this statue means, you haven't assimilated, no matter how many generations your people have been here. Get the hell out!

Before we post a much-needed conclusion for the series (Part 3 here) on the demographic suicide of the Western world, I'd like to intersperse this one post with more information from personal observation. This is not to signal my "compassion" and "feelings" and that I'm not a "hater" (there's a lot of stuff out there to hate so ...). It's just to try to clarify the reason Americans are so rightfully hot about this topic.

I have known a family from the Orient, the "Far East", one may call it (were one using a cheap China-made compass or something, or just bad with directions.). The many brothers and sisters came from Vietnam with their Mama, and were true refugees. They'd have likely been killed by the Commies, as can be the case for anyone known to be educated and smart. See Communists want to be the "intellectuals" so they can be more equal than the others and run things - they can't have competition. Back to the topic, there is a big difference between real refugees, some of which happen to make it to the US, and the invasion of the young men "refugees" to Europe, along with the many hundreds of thousands being invited by churches in the US on a money-making scam. The US version of this invited invasion has been well-documented by one nice lady in the midwest, Ann Corcoran (hopefully, with a little bit of help from other volunteers of truth) on Refugee Resettlement Watch . She has been doing yeoman's work describing this major field of stupidity/destruction of the country. If I knew what a "yeoman" was, I'd hire one on right here for Peak Stupidity!

The Vietnamese family I've know for many decades has been doing very well, as one would expect, or really better than that. I also had a friend long ago from Latin America... yes that Latin American, the one south of here. He is not from Mexico, not here illegally, and is one top .01% smart engineer. We were good friends, and as I've said way back in some post I can't home in on, I got along with him and another immigrant (from the East Bloc - also escaped) friend better than most Americans, at the time.

These are examples, and one could say, "yeah, and there are many more.". Sure they are, but I've also been all around California and seen place that are Mexico transplanted and China towns where you may as well be in China, but with more American-made automobiles. The people en masse are the people that they always were. In contrast, my friends from around the world had assimilated very well, at least in the ways that were worth assimilating to.

I don't put most of the blame for non-assimilation of the current 10's of millions of immigrants since 1965 (40-50 million total, just LEGAL, perhaps?) on them. If you bring in large crowds from the same place, why wouldn't they stick together and keep with the ways of their culture? Assimilation doesn't work with large groups - that's a simple concept. Whose idea was it to bring this many every year? Oh, yeah, that's right, the Blue wing of the party wants the votes, the Red wing wants cheap labor for the big donors, and the elilte Globalists want to run a population replacement to get the 3rd world set up over here. Anyway, say you were an ex-pat in Costa Rica... very tempting, as described here. It's very natural to hang out with the other Americans most of the time. What chaps Americans' hides over here is just the gall of the non-assimilated immigrants to demand we become their old country over here and let more in. How long do you think a legally-resident American ex-pat would remain out of jail in Mexico if he protested for his "rights" in Mexico and for English to required at the bars (hey, well all know "uno mas cervaza, Senorita" anyway, so who cares?). Assimilation of foreigners has not been working for many years now, due to the large numbers AND the invitation of people with cultures that are diametrically opposed to ours (Somalians in Minnesota? Nigga, please you betcha!)

Nope, none of these (now) men and women came into America on a big boat into NYC harbor passing by that statue in the picture. They did not have a stay on Ellis Island like little Vito Corleone - oh, by the way, how did THAT ONE turn out?. Things do change sometimes, and believing that all the immigrants of the last 5 decades are just like the Europeans of one to 1 1/2 CENTURIES ago is the same as the Neocons' belief that 2017 Russia is the 1975 USSR. Even the Euros, especially central- and southern- , of a century ago and back were not assimilable very easily, when you come to read some history and think about it - this is a subject for another upcoming post.

About the Statue of Liberty: It was given to Americans by the French upon the 100th anniversary of the independence of the United States. It's a commemoration of LIBERTY. The little plaque on the bottom with a poem about someone's reminiscings about her gratitude for being let in this way does not make this statue a "Statue of Invitation" for the entire freaking world. Obviously, if nobody gets this anymore, the assimilation is not working.

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