J. J. Cale - Call me the Breeze

Posted On: Wednesday - November 15th 2017 8:42PM MST
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Most people would know the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover version of this song better, but they got this one from a musician named J.J. Cale. It doesn't have the Southern Rock sound (a few more electric guitars, at least) like the Skynyrd cover, but it's smoother, and yeah it's the original.

This brings up the usual discussions about well-known artists doing covers of other artists' well known songs. Most of the time, the original is considered the best, right, unless Bob Dylan sung the original? Other times, the new version really does beat out the original in every way you can think of, but maybe that makes it not the original song anymore. Arguably, Elton John's version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" beats all hell out of the original Beatles version, and I say that as both a Beatles and Elton John fan. By arguably, I mean, you can argue all you want to about it, but you'd still be wrong. ;-}

Anyway, J. J. Cale here with "Call me the Breeze":

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