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Posted On: Wednesday - November 15th 2017 12:50PM MST
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If it's gonna be everyday like this, then I'm set for life under the curmudeonry and TV-aka Gov't Media topic keys. LP stands for Lyin' Press here on Peak Stupidity, if you haven't gathered that already.

This time it was at the auto shop, where'd I'd (thought I'd) found a decent battery for one of the vehicles. (Going 6 years with one is a major feat anymore.) Well, this was more of a tire shop, with a NEW LOOK, and that means there wasn't the usual long counter to put stuff on, say the old 25 lb battery, as now the guys behind the ... well, "places", have little "work stations". See, that's just stupid, so I was annoyed already. There was barely room to put the battery right next to the guy's computer, but he said that'd be fine. OK, I'd have to wait just a few minutes, as they've got the one I want, as he'd said on the phone (from his little work station).

It'd be no problem putting up with the TV blaring for just a few minutes, I guess. No, it wasn't a few minutes, as the 1st battery had only 85% or so of the cranking amps of the old one (Cold or normal), so he went back for another. The hanging TV was starting to become an annoyance now, as the 3 or 4 nice chairs were all oriented toward the id-prop box (that's idiotic propaganda) showing a game show with one character dressed as some kind of bird. Hey, I don't know, I don't watch this shit if I can help it. The one guy who had been watching was not sitting there anymore, so I hit the power switch and poooff, instant peace and quiet. Nice!

It turns out the one customer had just gone over to fill up a coffee cup or something. He seemed peeved and asked whether I was the one who turned it off. "Yeah, nobody was watching." "I just went over there for a minute." "I didn't know that. Just turn it back on." Ha! It wasn't that easy - the thing is more of a computer than just a TV, or its input box is, so this wasn't quite so simple as turning it off was." I smiled, as I watched him and then an employee come over to mess with the remote.

"Why'd you turn it off?" "TV's a load of crap, I don't want to hear it." "You could have turned the volume down." Good point, in answer to me, but I thought about it. "No, I didn't want to watch that crap." "I was trying to watch - you shouldn't have mashed the power button." "That turns it off, that's why I mashed it."

"Here's your battery - same cranking amps." said the salesman from his kiosk. It was 1/2 in. taller, but I knew it was gonna work without grounding out on the hood. Good riddance to the place .. and good luck rebooting that shit, you mindless retards. Man, I guess the TV is like enemy number one to Peak Stupidity at this point, as also documented here and here.

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