Western World committing demographic sooeee-cide - Part 3

Posted On: Saturday - November 11th 2017 11:55PM MST
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Londonistan, England? You won't be able to tell in a few more decades.

Let us continue with Peak Stupidity's discussion of the demographic suicide of the Western world cultures from a week back, which discussed the decreasing fertility, hence decreasing population of these lands (not a bad thing in and of itself). We also gave just one example of the types of inhabitants of our lands who this society is raising who are ill-equipped and not capable of changing the situation.

Again, if it weren't for a whole lot of the rest of the world, specifically Africa and the Moslem lands, along with India, it would be not only NOT a problem that population may peak out, but a good thing. It could have lead to that bright future written about in the science fiction books of the 1960's and 70's, mentioned a while back. It was a future in which people were few and far between, but as opposed to the same situation back in the stone age, we had the knowledge, technology, and smarts that we DO have today in the Western World (and the Orient). Yeah, you didn't have to work long hours, and when you did work, it was something very intellectually challenging. The robot took care of the drudge work, but we weren't completely bored because our careers involved discovering and exploring. We'd take our hover-cars over to the distant neighbors for dinner and discussion of our interesting and fulfilling days. It' really kind of the life a lot of science/engineering/computer people aspire to right now, except for the "not crowded" part, and most do not see what's coming.

What that earlier post about that imagined future concluded was that this could have all happened if (American, for example) society had stayed arranged (politically) such that the intelligent industrious people were the ones to thrive and procreate. The welfare state along with immigration stupidity, coincidentally (?) started at the same time in history, turned this arrangement on its head! We won't have that imagined future anytime soon.

The welfare state assured that we have plenty of human problems to take care of in our own lands. With the automation of the drudge work, you'd think that it'd be OK - we can take care of everybody. The problem is that the unintelligent do not take well to being mostly idle, while the intelligent always find uses for their time that aren't hurtful to society (well, except for the Globalist elites, I suppose). In addition to that, because the Western world has been altruistic in spreading all of the results of science and engineering around the world, the medicines and the modern agricultural have resulted in 3rd world populations being enabled to grow rapidly. Even without the suicidal ideas of letting in all the world to our lands and feeling guilty for not doing MORE, the huge impending ratio of undeveloped and unintelligent population to that of our lands will create a huge pressure to take care of them.

Please note - numbers are /1000, as in Billions, not Millions

It'd perhaps have been better to have a graph of these population increases (past and projected) broken up by culture, not continent, but this still gives the idea. We will be overwhelmed.

Keep in mind also, that the current and future population numbers shown of Euro and N. American (which more pessimistically includes Mexico) lands include residents from other cultures already! Yeah, I'll post another more appropriate graph for this issue when I can.

As a related digression here: To confuse this issue, one will read a lot about the Japanese and how their society is dying - lots of old people, decreasing population, blah, blah. I'm not really a Japophile, though I am very turned on by the language as spoken by pretty stewardesses on overseas flights, for some reason! However, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with the way Japan is headed. They have a fairly small land area to begin with, slightly less than that of California, with still 1/2 the population of the US (with ours growing due to immigration, and theirs slowly decreasing). Japan has 4-5 TIMES the population of even present-day overcrowded California! They need more space - that can only be a good thing.

The Japanese don't let other people in to stay. I mean, the immigration control is VERY tight (they let in something like 5 refugees, not 5,000, but 5, during the latest round of this business), and even 2nd-generation Koreans, who look about the same, are still not considered Japanese there. As to the 2nd problem, the welfare state, I do wonder whether Japan's type of socialism is going to work out in the long run due to it's inherent moral hazards described here on Peak Stupidity. You do hear about a lot of antisocial weirdos over there, but I don't have first-hand knowledge.

Anyway, don't let people tell you Japan's way is a bad thing. They may be the only place on Earth right now moving toward the brighter science fiction future discussed here. We could learn some lessons about inviting the whole world in from them. One is that the immigrants that we have invited are many times, the ones from the Moslem lands and Africa anyway, the types that will have lots of kids (the conservative* lifestyle of the Moslems and the care-free, OK, irresponsible life-style of the Africans). We may be overwhelmed from within before as we are also overwhelmed from without

Next week: We need, I think a short summary as Part 4.

* Not American good-conservative like your Barry Goldwaters and general American population of days of yore, but they are conservative of their own culture - that's not something one could say about lots of Americans right now!

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