Is Frau Angela Merkel Obituary Shopping?

Posted On: Friday - November 10th 2017 2:04PM MST
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Heh! Mr. Nicholas Stix over at VDare wrote a great article, "Is the Final Solution To The German Question At Hand?", about his 5 years spent living in Germany in the early 1980's. It is a very readable article with his personal anecdotes, and he relates his German girlfriends' anecdotes involving their families during all the large-scale disruption during the WWII and Cold War era. The subject of the Commie/Globalist Angela Merkel, profiled here and here and here on Peak Stupidity, come up from this relating of personal histories in Germany. (There was a long very detailed history article on Takimag a couple of months back giving the life history of the evil Angela Merkel.

Regarding Merkel, Stix says:
I don’t buy the notion that Frau Merkel was too stupid to know what she was doing. She had to know that not only were the Syrians completely incompatible with German society, but that they would turn Germany into a Moslem state in a generation’s time.

The “refugee crisis” had to be a broad, coordinated, criminal conspiracy to commit democide, with Angela Merkel at the center.

At the time, I figured that Merkel was obituary-shopping, willing to sacrifice her country for positive write-ups from Leftist media operatives.

However, I later learned that Merkel’s father was a Protestant minister who in 1954 had taken his family and fled freedom in the West to return to Communist East Germany.

I then learned that Merkel had lied about her role in the youth group. Other former East Germans contradicted her, maintaining that she was involved in promoting Marxism-Leninism and “brainwashing,” and that her position was as secretary for agitation and propaganda. [How Close Was Merkel to the Communist System?, Spiegel, May 14, 2013.]
[link lost, but bold added.]
Obituary-shopping!, ha! That is a good one, and you may see it again (on here most likely, swiped like everything else on the internet). That's a great term; someone in that position of fame or notoriety may care more about that obituary than what happens to the poor German people. It doesn't help that she is a commie atheist - there's nothing else to aspire to but to be noted after her death to have been a good Commie and destroyer of Western culture.

I'm sure Peak Stupidity can come up with an appropriate o-bitch-you-are-ehh for this Globalist Commie scum. We are very busy with other chores, but would still be glad to write in, what, early next week maybe?

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