Western World committing demographic sooeee-cide - Part 2, Snowflake girls

Posted On: Friday - November 10th 2017 11:16AM MST
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This part 2, continued from here is kind of an intermission between the story of the problems with Western low-fertility societies and the 3rd-World (at least big parts of it) high-fertility societies and the demographic transition possibly unavoidable and already in progress. I would say the Orient lies somewhere in between all this (maybe another post, but too many on the back burner already!)

Here, I want to talk about certain types of people that just exemplify the reasons the West is has such a low fertility rate. 5 possible non-sequential and non-conflicting reasons were presented, and the feminism one alone could rate a lot more discussion. The topic is the "Snowflakes", not all women, but for this post that's what I've seen recently and will write about. The two women I have met recently under work circumstances are not students, per the "Student Snowflake" topic key, but, hey, it'll suffice.

The reason for the use of the term snowflake is that we, well you readers, probably have all seen them, and they are beautiful but very fragile, and that's how these women are in personality. Wait, the fragile part, at least. Because I did not meet these 2 together, as it was some months apart, yet I encountered the same phenomenon, I will just relate this as if it were one woman.

I met this lady in the work environment, and luckily this was not a long-term arrangement. We had to talk to each other, and yes, I was the boss. However, it was very hard to even talk to her about normal work stuff without seeing a scared look like I was getting out of her little world in her head too far. I saw this time and again, as some remark I made when I wasn't smiling really brightly and talking really slowly brought on a scared look. If everything was going really smoothly, she could do her job, but she didn't want to hear anything bad - no, no bad thoughts. It really looked like she might cry and quit a few times just due to .. what?

How does one get that way? Sure, there are spoiled kids, but this is not exactly due to just being spoiled and demanding. I think this woman had been kept, and kept herself after leaving home, away from anything that might cause her to have to think about the real world. Some of these types are in college, hence the student snowflake moniker, and most parts of the college environment just make this behavior worse. This woman had not, and was in a blue-collar snowflake phase. I wish I could describe it better, and I don't want to put any specific pictures in, so this post may be just kind of vague.

The point here is (being Part 2 of this particular series) is that women like this could never handle being in any long-term relationship with kids. She would be lucky to keep a cat long-term without too much stress. How about raising a kid or two? It's not likely, in my opinion. Now, there are men like this too, as you've read about or seen on funny youtube clips (well, funny to me). However, they really aren't going to get very far with the ladies anyway. There are plenty of other guys who will, but not with these snowflake ladies, and I think there are more than just these two, and it's the women that are the bottleneck, so to speak (haha), in the whole fertility business.

This is an example of why the white American, and Western in general, fertility rate is low. Yeah, there are lots of other reasons, but this stuff doesn't happen in the 3rd world. There's just no call for snowflakes there - they will melt before they hit the ground.

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