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Posted On: Thursday - November 9th 2017 11:03AM MST
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Because the previous post had references to the great old "Andy Griffith Show" from the days when TV did not suck 24/7 (hell heck, it wasn't even on 24 hours, least not in a row!), I was reminded of my routine of watching Andy, Barney, Aunt Bea, little Opie Cunningham, and Floyd. No, I'm not old enough to have watched it when it was actually on, but it was in my single days when repeats (that's what we called 'em before youtube) came on at 11:30 every weeknight after the local TV news.

Oooh, that just reminded me that I went to look up a particular local story on the local TV news' website, and it had become about as sick as yahoo (Peak Stupidity take here)! No kidding, there were just heavily biased headlines with easily-understood agendas alongside pictures. That has changed just within the last 5 years ... last time I can be sure I even looked at it. Now the TV news back when I watched Andy was a little less slanted; I am sure of that. Additionally, I was probably not quite as hip to the Lyin' Press, as Peak Stupidity is proud to be nowadays.

Anyhow, I'd have my root beer or maybe a ginger ale, and watch Andy after the local news people said goodnight. It was a good ritual, and I kind of miss that. Hey, I know the country was not as wonderful as that seen on a 1960's Hollywood-produced TV show, yet, Hollywood made shows back then that did not degrade the white American people. That was something that's hard to fathom now. Also, the country WAS a lot better of a place back then, in ways one can see in the show. Yes, people in small towns left the doors un-locked. Yes, you would talk to your neighbors. Yes, the Sheriff DID NOT wear body armor and have 5 kinds of weapons and 3 communications devices strapped to various parts of his body. Yes, it was a better place, and even when I used to watch the repeats, it rang more true-to-life than it would now.

Andy Griffith does NOT come on at that hour anymore, but how would I know?

We get pretty offensive and truthful and stuff here, even with stuff as sensitive as race. With all that, though, it is still important to think of individuals as, well, individuals and not part of some group that has just been defined on-line recently. A few days back, a black lady co-worker, 40-something years old or so had her phone playing loud enough for me to catch the sound. I found it hard to believe I heard:

Listen while you finish reading. Yeah, I was really surprised that a black lady liked the show. Should I feel bad that I'm really surprised that a black lady likes the Andy Griffith show? No, it IS really surprising that a black lady likes the Andy Griffith show, but sure enough, she was watching another episode the next day. I would say that that made my day.

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