Lyin' Press, TV-branch getting desperate

Posted On: Wednesday - November 8th 2017 11:26AM MST
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24/7 LIES for $19.95, uhhh, I dunno, got an NRA discount?

This stuff comes in the mail twice a month, yet, I'm already a customer of these people this monopoly. It's not like a haven't told them already, on the front porch of my house (oldy, but goody, post there) that I don't watch TV. Shocking, I know! I wouldn't expect some corpocracy to relate my rant talk with the salesman to the database in use by their junk-mail division, but you'd think they'd have the info. that I'm already a customer for the internet.

$19.95 is the price to add on TV service to some bundle, or my existing fairly high-priced, by this point, internet connection. I'm not going to open this crap to find out the details.

However, with the NFL brouhaha, of which I really couldn't give a damn about, and President Trump's calling out of the Lyin' Press, I think this junk-mail advertising is not just about the money. Big Gov. and big Business need Americans to stay on the TV. All the narratives they have been weaving will not take, if a majority of the American population cannot be force-fed the lies. Yes, there are some new angles they've got, the USA Today doormat of the hotel room project, the force-feeding in the dentist/doctors and used-car dealer lobbies and the cucked-out radio announcers pining after their favorite stars of the grid-iron to get us in front of the tube Monday night. They've got about a dozen news channels chock-filled with infotainment, a "conservative" one, a dozen or so cntrl-left propo-tainments channels, yet lots of people have had enough.

It's very important to the elite that run things that people NOT give up the cable, especially. This is one small thing that you, the reader, can do to hurt them. It's not just the money. Peak Stupidity thinks that the press will be propped up by government, as is the case in any totalitarian society, no matter how much money they end up losing. At the risk certainty of repeating our selves, from that previous post:
1) The reason we use the term Gov't Media lots is due to the current relationship between media and government - by far most importantly the US Feral Gov't. This government has gotten so huge that the LP can completely make enough of their news on this government alone to fill the 24 hours in a day. It is in the best interest of the LP that the US gov't stay huge and keep making laws and arbitrary regulations that have big effects on people's lives. Why? This is because a viewer or reader nowadays has a need to pay attention, because every day of the week could bring another change to his life or livelihood due to some gov't bullshit program or another.

2) At this late stage of the US Gov't Beast, the LP has good reason to believe that they will all be bailed out by the remaining US taxpayers theft victims, were they to start losing so much money as to be unable to even operate. The government has a big interest in letting these Lying Presstitutes keep putting out their lying words. They are, in the words of future congressional bailout committees, "too duplicitous to fail".
Yeah, Lyin' Press, I won't take your subscription for ONE stinkin' dollar. Your junk-mail, however is a welcome addition to the paper trash bin for it's use in fire-starting, what with this cold front and all.

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