Is it OK to be white, or what?

Posted On: Monday - November 6th 2017 5:26PM MST
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That's what a bunch of posters say, having been surreptitiously placed in formerly safe spaces all around by some bad people... well, wait, if it's bad to write that ... then well, ....

Let me first say before my comments that the renowned Steve Sailer, along with his commenters, has been all over this in his usual biting semi-sarcastic style, and I'll list them all out by title, since there's no way I could cover 1 % of the good commentary on the iSteve blog:

Canada Besieged by "Racist Pumpkin Incident"*

Is It Okay to be White? (I'm Just Asking for a Friend)

Washington Post: Not Okay!

Harvard Law School Dean: NOT Okay

Not OK to be White in Toronto

It's Not Okay to be White in Saskatoon (Man, this one appeared during the writing of this post. I can't keep up with this freaking guy!)

Because Peak Stupidity could not cover all this great commentary, I'll just summarize what I've read so far on that site and also add a little bit that might help in understanding this "meme battle". At first, as others (say, commenters on iSteve) wrote also, this "It's OK to be white" bit just seems pretty wimply. If we want to stand up to all the abuse, and more like anarcho-tyranny, going on today, we don't want to wimp out from the get-go. The slogan sounds like something one's therapist or school councilor would say - not a good thing to take seriously, something from a therapist or school councilor. Why not get a little more bold and catchier with it, like "White is Alright!" or "White make Might", or well, you think of something!

That's just a first reflection, as now, upon thinking it over, the originator(s) was quite clever. The thing about this slogan or "meme" is that it is so bland and non-offensive in any possible way, that one can't rationally find it "bad!" This puts the cntrl-left types, the ones basically running the institutions between a proverbial rock and a hard place. OK, that terminology should be used for things in reality, not in a meme war, but it fits here.

These people can't let these posters slide. Why? They absolutely do not want white people to be allied on something; they need devisiveness. First it's posters, then what? T-shirts and hats, that's what! This solidarity by the former majority that built the country cannot be tolerated. If the cntrl-left doesn't raise hell about these simple innocuous posters, then "perpetrators" will get bold and maybe not even sneak around in the dead of night putting up more of them.

On the other hand, the cntrl-left is falling into the trap by raising hell about it. This is due to the fact that "It's OK to be White" cannot really be argued with without the arguer showing himself to be an actual racist. Some who have tried to give the left, antifa, and other misfits the benefit of the doubt will "Get Woke", and not bad-woke this time, but good-woke. The easy-going white guy will think "Hey, if I can't say even this, maybe I AM living in some kind of PC, Orwellian society. These people really want me and my kind gone. Enough is enough."

Read through some of Sailer's and others articles about this. The Harvard administration says "HLS will not let that happen here." OK, the next is Canada, but we read "We were alerted to the posters by members of the community, and immediately notified Campus Police, who have also notified Toronto Police,” You read a flyer you don't like, and you call the police? OK, but what about the flyers about the Communist party meeting, the BLM racist posters, and even the pizza coupons. Does the phrase Anarcho-tyranny ring a bell now? Is it time to wake up, yet.

Yes, by telling us "No, it's not OK to be white - I'm callin' the cops", the cntrl-left are showing their true colors now, along with their stupidity. I don't say stupidity as a perjerative here, as the rank-and-file cntrl-left are just stupid to really believe that they can suppress the white population into submission, dejection, addiction (to opiates or what) and still have a country left worth living in. They somehow thing that things will still run in a 1st world manner, maybe on their own some how, without 1st-world people. As a future post (promised, like 1/2 year ago!) will discuss, there is a lot of ruin in a nation.

* No, this is not an upcoming prequel to The Blair Witch Project

Friday - November 10th 2017 2:14PM MST

That sounds like a good strategery, Mr. Guy. We need a guy like that on our side. Is he available for more consultation?

PS - again. Thanks for the comment. Have you read a lot of iSteve - Steve Sailer?
Friday - November 10th 2017 1:21PM MST
"...this "It's OK to be white" bit just seems pretty wimply."

Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
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