Are modern electronic devices making us gay?

Posted On: Wednesday - October 25th 2017 6:47PM MST
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Early adopters of "technology"

Peak Stupidity's only post yesterday was about work for the mechanically-inclined in the computer-tech area. While writing it, I had some thoughts about the phones and tablets we are almost all using, especially the touch-screen aspect of it.

The interface that has been developed by possibly straight guys for these tablets and phones is problematic for a lot of us. Just the fact that almost everything on the screen is an area that will control this device or CHANGE SOMETHING is damned annoying. You try to hold it right on the edges, or some thing or other will just happen, that you may not know how to reverse. I've felt like clamping one of these things to a piece of 1" (nominal) pine with a handle, so I could just hold it with one hand that would not affect ANYTHING!

Now we come to the gay part, the whole swiping business. The first time I saw someone do this double swipe, especially the one where you spread apart your fingers or finger and thumb, it just looked kind of faggy. I mean, no offense here to anyone, though, keep in mind Peak Stupidity is an Equal Opportunity Offender, but it's not a manly interface like, say, a torque wrench on a nut. Could the designers have just put a few more buttons on the face near the edge? You have to be so delicate with these devices just to use them properly - there's no way around that.

It's hard to be manly with your icrap:

These touch screens are everywhere, but they are not bad to deal with on a fixed device like a monitor on a desk. For these mobile devices, well, to finally answer the question asked in this post's title. No, the electronic devices are not making us gay, say via radiation or subliminal images flashing in the night during our REM sleep - they are just making us LOOK gay.

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