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Posted On: Monday - October 23rd 2017 9:59AM MST
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No, not Hans Moleman, it’s Hans-Herman Hoppe and he gave a great speech about LIbertarianism and the alt-right at a conference in Bosrum, Turkey. VDare has the entire long transcript here as Herman Hoppe: Libertarianism, The Alt-Right And AntiFa—A Libertarian Strategy For Social Change. As per the usual partial cooperation or just synchronicity between VDare and unz, here is the article on unz with comments.

This is a long enough article with so many great points that Peak Stupidity will do not much more than urge the reader to READ THE WHOLE THING! It is long enough to almost rate a TL/DR. Man, I had no idea what that actually meant (“Too Long/ Didn’t Read”) for years, until I figured it out about 2 months back. I had thought the TL and DR were remnants of html tags that were done wrong, haha! Anyway, this one is VL/RTWT (“Very Long / Read The Whole Thing”).

Mr. Hoppe’s talk reminds me that for a long time I’ve wanted to write a series on “What conservatives can learn from libertarians”, but also the vice-versa. Mr. Hoppe’s talk is an exhortation to the alt-right to understand the importance of the libertarian point of view to their cause, but also a description of some of the problems with libertarianism that the alt-right understands. This is one part where I’d like to correct (or augment, really) Mr. Hoppe’s idea here:
The lesson? The peaceful cohabitation of neighbors and of people in regular direct contact with each other on some territory—a tranquil, convivial social order—requires also a commonality of culture: of language, religion, custom and convention. There can be peaceful co-existence of different cultures on distant, physically separated territories, but multi-culturalism, cultural heterogeneity, cannot exist in one and the same place and territory without leading to diminishing social trust …
Now, my addition in which I maintain that it’s all about having enough space, along with the culture of the people, as to whether a libertarian society can work.

My addition to Hoppe’s point:
You’ve got the idea with that “direct social contact” bit. It seems like your point was that just regular interactions between people require society to be more authoritative than libertarianism calls for. I maintain that it is all about the SPACE, i.e. how much room people and families have for their own.

There is such a difference between the American way, mostly of the past now, and the Chinese way, for example. The Chinese have no history in their 5,000 years of being independent rural landowners that make their own way in the world. They LIKE living together, even when they are out in the country. However, the country is so crowded that many must live in teeming cities and they are used to it. They prefer it and look down at people that don’t.

How could China possibly be a libertarian society? The people have been crowded together so long that they couldn’t even imagine it. They HAVE TO be in each others business, even as respectfully as they are most of the time. Take spitting on the side of the road for instance (yeah, not so respectful, but it’s what they do). If a Chinaman spits on the road, it won’t be 1/2 a minute before another Chinaman (or woman, YES, or woman!) steps in it if he is (or she, YES, or she!) is not paying attention. On the side of the road in the panhandle of Oklahoma, a man could spit 10,000 loogies and it’s not likely a single soul will notice, as the wind and the rain and the dirt will wipe it away first. Isn’t there a famous saying by Confucius about 10,000 loogies? Possibly, I’m thinking of a different Confucius.

Libertarianism works best in uncrowded places. Immigration is a double-whammy. First, as Mr. Hoppe stated, we are bringing in people who know nothing of, and will not support these ideas of freedom. Secondly, more people of ANY kind make libertarianism less likely to ever be the way of life.
OK, just my Peak Stupidity opinion there. Let’s talk Turkey here for a moment too. Hey, the guy gave this talk in Turkey. After you read his 10 bold points below (Bold in the original, but also BOLD things to say nowadays), think about whether Mr. Hoppe could have even given this speech in most places in today’s America, due to the Anarcho-Tyranny here. It’s pathetic on our part that, he could give this talk in a Moslem country. Granted, the city of Bosrum is not in the heart of deepest, fundamentalist Moslem-Turkey (more power to them - not my business). It is in the southwest, on the Aegean Sea, across from Greece, and it seems like there and Constantinople [It’s “Istanbul” now, KEEP UP! - Ed.] are much more Western than all the interior of the country. I don’t care - it’s just sad that this guy would be shouted down and probably need bodily protection to say what he wants to say in America. These Antifa are just one of the targets Hans-Herman Hoppe names as the enemy, so he knows the score. I'm guessing they won't like #6 below.

Hoppes ten BOLD points:

One : Stop mass immigration.
Two: Stop attacking, killing and bombing people in foreign countries.
Three: Defund the ruling elites and its intellectual bodyguards.
Four: End the Fed and all central banks.
Five: Abolish all “Affirmative Action” and “non-discrimination” laws and regulations.
Six: Crush the “Anti-Fascist” Mob.
Seven: Crush the street criminals and gangs.
Eight: Get rid of all welfare parasites and bums.
Nine: Get the State out of education.
Ten: Don’t put your trust in politics or political parties.

Wow, just wow! Yes, I mean that. Do all that and you won't believe how much better off we'll all be.

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