This is not a time for levity - do you understand what happened to Machine Gun Kelly?

Posted On: Saturday - October 21st 2017 6:57PM MST
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Only a serious James Taylor fan would know this one, off of his “Mudslide Slim and the Blue Horizon“ album from 1971. I didn’t know till now that JT didn’t write this song - it was written by one Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar.

Be your own man, and don’t let the woman put you 6’ in the ground.

”You'd better watch out Machine Gun Kelly.
Careful of what you do now.
If you keep listening to your old lady,
ain’t no telling what'll happen to you, now.
Machine Gun.... “

(“ooh ooh ... yes indeed ...”)

Wednesday - February 19th 2020 9:55AM MST
PS: Well, I do remember the 8-track, too, Dan. Those were a trip, and I really don't know why people bought those still once the cassettes were around. Imagine a loud bang/click in the middle of your favorite song while the machine switched tracks on you.

"And we liked it!"
Dan Long
Wednesday - February 19th 2020 6:26AM MST
PS LOLOL I go back before cassette was invented.......
dan long
Wednesday - February 19th 2020 6:24AM MST
PS I'd typed in "This is not a time for levity"...trying to remember which album, totally forgot about Machine Gun I'm back on a JT tear.....been 40 years since the last time I heard the albums...He's the reason I got into performing myself....
Monday - February 17th 2020 10:55AM MST
PS: The two albums I had on cassette tape way back were "Mudslide Slim" and "Sweet Baby James". I don't think there's a bad song on either one, Dan.

Thanks for writing in.

How in the living heck did you wind up on this page to begin with??
dan long
Sunday - February 16th 2020 2:10PM MST
PS Yep, actually I was just looking it up to remember which album. I remember my dad working at the radio station when I was a teen, brought home a copy of "James Taylor", stamped DEMO in 69 and gave it to me, they didn't want it. Fell in love on the spot.....wish I still had that album, it'd be worth something today...
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