Is Subaru the "Honda for Lesbians"?

Posted On: Wednesday - October 18th 2017 8:17PM MST
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I was just walking down the road this morning when I saw a skinny couple in the distance that it seems I'd seen lots of mornings. You tend to see the same people around, many walking their dogs. I was about to say hey to the man and women when they got closer and started toward their yard,

Wait, that's two older women and no dog. They both had butch haircuts. I just had a thought, as they walked onto the porch that, hey, I guess the woman and her visitor are probably worried about people thinking they are lesbians, what with the haircuts. Too bad people will infer that just because maybe these haircuts are easier to take care of at that age.

Then, I saw 2 Subaru's in the driveway! Ohhh.. alrighty then. You hear all kinds of talk about these cars, and how they are popular with this certain crowd, but this is proof enough for me. I said TWO Subarus, one parked right in front of the other. Coincidence? I think not. I didn't need to see softball equipment inside the hatchback to know about which side my bread is buttered on. Wait, what??? I wonder if they have their own brand of phones too?

Not that there's anything wrong with that .... all-wheel drive, I mean!

It's time for some music. Hey, what made me think of this oldie but goodie?

It's "Hammer and a Nail" from the Indigo Girls' (Emily Saliers and Amy Ray) album Nomads Indians Saints. This one was written by Emily Saliers. Though a great acoustic duo, they were never a couple and didn't even always have short hair.

Not that there's anything wrong with that .... acoustic guitar, I mean!

Note: Post title lifted from a commenter under a youtube video of a gay-channel Subaru commercial seen during research for this post.

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