Kids read the darndest things

Posted On: Thursday - December 15th 2016 12:00PM MST
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Our five-year old guy is a pretty good reader. Also, he likes to really organize everything in his mind. If you tell him "this part is made of wood", he wants to know what all the other parts are made out of. If you tell him "this tree is an evergreen", and why, he has to make sure he knows what a deciduous tree is.

While he was using our restroom facilities he wanted to be clear about the information on this box:

"We've got the yellow ones, Daddy", he says.

"Do we have any of the green ones? It says 'heavy flow pads'. We should get some of those.

"I don't see the purple ones either. We have 'regular', but we need 'heavy flow pads' and 'overnight pads'"

I'm all, "Boy, I don't really keep up with this stuff too much. Ask your mama". (Always passing the buck, I guess ;-}

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