More Tucker Carlson - we need more acadia leaves in the dressing room!

Posted On: Monday - October 16th 2017 7:22PM MST
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I haven't been keeping up with Tucker Carlson clips here at Peak Stupidity. Shame on me. This one is from a month back or so. It is a interview (if you can call it that) by Tucker of a guy who has this giraffe neck that I would pass off with "hey, to each his own" if I didn't detest these antifa people so much.

Hence the acacia leaves for the dressing room, as I just figured this gentleman was probably stupider than normal without his regular diet.

It is the typical inversion of logic here. Even though this guy speaks very calmly, he twists concepts around to explain why shutting down speech by people you don't agree with is somehow supporting free speech.

I GET IT, I GET IT! you need more acacia leaves. I GET THAT! Just answer my question."

[Updated 03/06/18:]. Original vid got jerked off "the tube". Found a new one quickly via search for "Tucker Carlson Giraffe guy".

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