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Posted On: Saturday - October 14th 2017 10:04AM MST
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Back on Thursday, Dr. Seuss was featured here on Peak Stupidity, but I really want to say more about him and his wonderful kid's books.

The librarian from the story in the other post simply lied about her beef with Dr. Suess for an attempt at a political point. However, many of the ctrl-left and the PC0-idiots do have their reasons for "struggling against" in retro-Cultural-Revolution fashion, the works of children's authors along with the statues, street names, and whatever else. It's all about tearing down the original American culture, as stated here before. Dr. Seuss is a part of mid-last-century old-fashioned American culture, but his stuff is so good, that it carries on to this day. This can be very, very frustrating if one is in the ctrl-left or Cultural Marxist crowd. Please read here to learn more about "Who are these guys?!"

Look at the nice little white kiddies catching a ride on the Wump of Gump - not dieverse enough. This WILL NOT DOO! We must bury YOO.

(I'll give you this, our Moslem parents may feel all warm and fuzzy from this one.)

See, that's the honest problem, the pictures and words in Dr. Suess' books, and I'd guess an outspoken member of the ctrl-left would tell you that straight: "We don't want a country with these kinds of people in it." He would rather have America become a Brazil, the sooner the better. Look at the faces of the (mostly) smiling little ones in Dr. Seuss' books and look at the names too - we have David Donald Doo, Jerry Jordan (the big jelly jar), Ms.Miss Lola Lopp, Rosy Robin Ross, Willy Waterloo washing Warren Wiggens (who's simultaneously washing Waldo Woo (no, Waldo has blond hair) and the Queen of Quincy, just to name a few. I haven't noticed Large LaTonya's Loud LTD, (what else starts with "L"?) or Teodoro's Tan Torn-Up Trailer (what else starts with "T"?)

The ctrl-left want to do away with everything of the past, but unfortunately, there is so much good in it - I believe they'll miss it dearly. That's not really my problem though. We are getting dragged down by these people!

Now, just to emphasize the stupidity about Dr. Seuss, as an example, I give you a school teacher I know. She seemed fairly left-wing, before I knew right away to quit talking politics when we discussed the Pope. She likes the Pope. I don't mean "the Pope" in general, I mean the stupid Commie bastard they've got up there as Pope right now (that discussion was during the time he was encouraging the invasion of Europe.) Anyhoo, this very nice lady is a BIG fan of Dr. Seuss, and even will commemorate him on his birthday with cake for the kiddies. She's pretty left wing, but not of the variety stupid enough to trash this guy.

The great way of teaching English via the clever rhyming and repetition, along with the wonderful illustrations is what makes these books timeless. Look at the smiley faces in the top view from the off-cited "Fox in Sox". OK, Mr. Knox there is a little miffed from all the tongue-twisting, but the creatures in these books are so happy-looking and cute, that if you hate this stuff, you have no damn soul, that's all I can come up with.

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