Chinese free market healthcare - pt.4, postscript

Posted On: Friday - October 13th 2017 11:53AM MST
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It's not just about keeping the posts down to reasonable size here, but I did forget this time to add things that should be said about a free-market in healthcare (entirely free-market is theoretical, but it's a near-reality in China).

Getcher Motor Runnin'... Head out on the Gong Lu!

A long time back, when our state was debating a motorcycle helmet law, I had a discussion with some friends about it who were nowhere close to dummies. I took the libertarian side, of course, telling them that it wasn't the state government's business whether I wore it or not. I, in fact, almost always wore a helmet on a motorcycle, but I don't think the voters and legislators have a right to tell the other guy what to do. Bust your head open or don't, it's not my problem.

"Ah, but yes, it IS your problem.", one of the guys said. "See, you and I are gonna have to pay for getting that guy fixed up, if possible, at the hospital. It's everyone's business." The only argument to that is "I! DON'T! WANT! SOCIALISM!.... I! DIDN'T! VOTE! FOR! SOCIALISM!" There were/are butt-loads of countries to move to if you wanted socialism instead of the freedom we have had! That's the thing about Socialism. It is a system that tries to run things in opposition to human nature and simple economic principles that should have been learned by each of us during our kindergarten years (impending post on this ... I feel it in my guts.).

Yes, if we already have socialism in one area, then many freedoms will be unfair to some, not due to the unfairness inherent in that freedom, as freedom in eminently fair. It'll be unfair due to the crock of shit that is socialism. Yeah, don't wear your helmet on your bike, it's your business, but if you bust yourself up that's your business too, and none of the rest of ours. Simple? That's China right now. Don't go telling the Chinese you are more free than them. That'd be a lie right now.

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