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Posted On: Thursday - October 12th 2017 8:25AM MST
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Possibly, like Ned, our crazy broad for the day* just slept on the wrong end of the bed.

These stories get around quickly now for 2 reasons. Information is easy to spread around these days and free (part of our idiot-of-the-story's problem) and the stupidity level is so high that the sane are starting to catch on. Per John Derbshire and VDare and elsewhere, we hear of the young lady librarian who refused a donation of Dr. Suess books due to some cntrl-left/PC excuse. It's about fighting the white culture though when it comes down to it. The quick post on VDare is entitled: "Of Course Dr. Seuss Is Racist–Because He’s Part Of The White Past".

Here's the gist of it: Melania Trump sent some Dr. Suess books to a library somewhere (kinda vague here, but who cares?). If this is her 1st lady thing, giving out books to promote literacy, that'd be my 2nd favorite idea (the first - see the link - would be promoting sexier women's underwear, but I have not noticed whitehouse.gov perusing Peak Stupidity unfortunately.) What's the problem? The young lady librarian who received the Dr. Suess books rejected them on racism grounds. Now, look, you and I could go through these texts and find loads of hilarious adult-interpretations of racism, sexism, sex-with-goats-ism, and worse, but we all know Dr. Suess wrote funny stuff for kids and whatever his personal view were, they don't appear in his books. I mean, what is YOUR opinion of the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz? Are there people being de-friended on Faceberg due to arguments over how many apples one can put on top? (I say 10 MAX., but I don't get worked up about it!)

Even the lady in question was not stupid enough to really think these things. She just wanted to make a point in favor of the cntrl-left and against President Trump. We know that because the internet saves stuff - more in a second on that. No, this lady was just hateful. Let me analyze this:

A) Yep, nowadays almost anyone working at a library is going to be a socialist. OK, you get the notice of the gift from Mrs. Trump, and you just opt out of being involved. That's fairly polite. I know she IS the 1st lady (and the hottest in .jpg-era history), but she's not the Queen, so yeah, you don't have to participate. I'm fine with that.

B) She wanted to be involved in this just to get a dig at the President. That's sneaky and kind of rude, but I think if I were on the other end of a communication with the Hildabeast or Øb☭ma, I could see doing the same. Again, he ain't the King.

C) This is the kicker. It was proven that this librarian had NOTHING against Dr. Suess and his literary work, when pictures turned up of her doing a library promotion, dressed as the Cat in the Hat (hey the girls LOVE dressing in sexy cat costumes, you know that).

D) (C) just turns the whole thing into a big LIE. That's all it is to anyone now.

Since it was just a big lie, it's a damn shame Dr. Suess was brought into it, and now we have a stupidity bleed-over, as the Derbyshire blogpost links to an article ("Reason" mag. - no linking to stupidity here.) that tells us a mural of "To Think That I Saw it on MULLBERRY STREET." is a problem. Man, that title just brings back good memories and is so evocative of childhood. What a bunch of losers the cntrl-left is! Their problem is with the line "A Chinese boy who eats with sticks." Well, lady, Chinese boys DO eat with sticks, you stupid, silly ... Fiffer-feffer-feff! That's all I could think of that begins with F ;-}

* OK, OK, for last week. Upon further examination of the picture, we are wondering whether this IS even too un-PC for Peak Stupidity. I mean, is that a goat in bed with Ned? Is Ned a Moslem whose name is just short for MohamNed? Maybe he's a Hollywood producer. Please tell me, Ned.**

** False alarm, note to self: RTFDSB! "I do not like this bed at all. A lot of things have come to call. A cow, a dog, a cat, a mouse. OH! what a bed! Oh! what a house!" Wheww, it's a cow. Hey, and check the phone out - that landline!

"Poor old Ned is stuck in bed.
His smartphone's dead and he needs his med.
The cat named Fred is quite the ped.
Quit that Fred! You're sick! Ned said.

(I'd better quit right now.)

Dr. Suess's lawyer, a shark named Ted,
may join this thread
to earn his bread.
Sue me! Sue me! Try it, Ted.
I own nothing. Nothing, Ted.
like a youtube commenter,
I've already been bled.
Take my house, wreck my shed.
See how long 'fore you're filled with lead.

[Enough, enough, I am the Ed!]

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