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Posted On: Tuesday - October 10th 2017 5:53PM MST
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Per John Derbyshire on VDare, “Conservative” UK Cabinet Minister Wants 15 Years In Jail For Viewing “Far-Right Propaganda”. Mr. Derbyshire is a former Brit himself (with the name pronounced Dar-bi-sher as opposed to the way it sounds, Der-bee-shire (weirdos!)), so it has got to be even more difficult for him to hear about the downfall of his country from the days of his youth there. Yeah, even in the 1960's one could see this coming, what with the big push toward socialism and the welfare state that started right after Mr. Churchill lost an election right after WWII.

That's what one runs into a lot in all countries that are slowly creeping into an Orwellian nightmare. Most people do not see the endgame of this slow slide, hence they do not opposed it out of "compassion". They are under the impression that you can have hard-core socialism without it leading to a tyrannical government. Ha, suckers. Mr. Derbyshire, from his writing, never had seemed all too libertarian (freedom-oriented) in the past, so he was most likely one of the large crowd to let his country go this way.

Anyway the "Home Secretary", successor to Jack Straw from Wichita Wichitashire-on-Arkansas* is pushing this creepy, sick excuse to lock up "people who want to know about terrorism". This one has Out-Orwelled George Orwell, and on his home turf too. Let's set the record straight that Orwell was just a writer who wrote about tyrannical government in the book 1984, a short novel that everyone should read before it is illegal to (or watch the movie).

Man, this crazy menopausal tyrant named Amber Rudd not only proposes to jail people for what they write on the internet, but for what they read! Besides the wrongness of it to begin with, it'd take one wrong click to get the "Bobbies" to come around to one's door. The excuse of terrorism is the same as that used by our Motherland Security Ministry here. It works out great for these people. Good excerpt from Derbyshire:
This is how they operate, the cowards and fools and destroyers of nations. Terrorism is the hook: it is nationalism they truly hate and fear. Ms Rudd, a One Percenter with a full dedication to trans-national globalism, will send you down for fifteen years for reading websites like, to take a random example,

Britain is lost, gone, a dead place. I don’t know how it happened, but I sure am glad I got out of there.

Really, all you'd have go to back would be 25 years, and people would think you were insane if you said you thought this was coming soon, even in England, not to mention America. Per the footnote (*) below, we may as well have some Dead on here tonight. I won't put up Jack Straw again, so here is a live Sugaree from about 39 years back, recorded in Passaic, New Jersey. Even the hard-core druggies at the show couldn't have, in their worst trip, listening to this dark song, seen the fucked-up world we live in now.

"When they come to take you down, when they bring that wagon 'round,
when they come to call on you and drag your poor body down,

just one thing I ask of you, just one thing for me.
Please forget you knew my name, my darling Sugaree.
Shake it, shake it Sugaree, just don't tell them that you know me.
Shake it, shake it Sugaree, just don't tell them that you know me.

* I can not seem to unlink the term "Home Secretary" from The Dead's Jack Straw from Wichita, as I've always associated those. The English version was in this office long, long ago, but it sticks. He has not yet cut his buddy down nor dug a shallow grave and laid his body down. Hell, Peak Stupidity does not even know who his "buddy" is.

[UPDATE 10/11 AM:] CORRECTION, Amber Rudd is the tyrant and the "Home Secretary" that proposed this Orwellian crap, not Theresa May, who is Prime Minister or something and has her own set of problems. Oh, further correction, "menopausal" was incorrect - should be "post-menopausal", for both of 'em. Big Peak Stupidity apologies ... I guess ...

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