Happy Columbus Day!

Posted On: Monday - October 9th 2017 9:42AM MST
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In the year 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.

... and that was one hell of a feat with those 3 small wooden sailing vessels, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Yes, how could I forget; I went to a real school as a kid, not a government indoctrination camp.

The cnrl-left PC crowd is threatening to deface or destroy statues of this man, along with all the newer guys they're on about. For Christopher Columbus, of Genoa, Italy, they have the on-going excuse of the disturbance of this once-pristine continent, at the time of Columbus' arrival, when only a 5-10 million people lived in all of North America. Hey, cntrl-left, you wouldn't even have been born had Christopher Columbus not discovered this land for your forefathers to build into the greatest nation the world had ever seen ("had" because that's history now). I guess that's one advantage the Indians did have - too worried about the next meal, disease killing one's loved ones, and not freezing each winter to have time for the cntrl-left/PC crap.

What the Indians never did was even invent the freaking wheel, or weather-proof shelters or any powered or just pure mechanical tools to increase farming or hunting productivity, much less build ocean-going vessels that could sail 10,000 miles* across the Ocean Sea 525 years ago! (oh and 3 more times) Peak Stupidity believes this is something that we should all be proud of.

As for the culture-wreckers charges that the white man is the root of all evil, well Columbus and his crew met some friendly, gentle natives, and some fierce ones, and the general brutality of that era 5 centuries ago cannot be put on any one race of people. During the age of exploration and settlement, it was the Spaniards down south that performed the more dastardly acts against the natives compared to the English and French in the north. No matter, at this point there would have been no real civilization in this whole New World, without the white man having come from Europe - there's no denying that.

Anyway, keep using the greeting, and keep your people learning about this Holiday, whether you have to go to school/work or not. Don't let the other side control the narrative, even if you end up with your 10 year-old kid having to straighten out his idiot Education-major elementary teacher. No, not me, yet, but I can see it happening.

BTW, the "Ocean Sea" is a kind of a weird term - sounds redundant, but very romantic too. I like it, but for now we'll stick with The Ocean Blue from around Hershey, Pennsylvania, a early/mid-90's band. This is "Between Something and Nothing" from their self-titled debut album. You do need some bass for this song to rock.

There are a dozen great songs by The Ocean Blue that Peak Stupidity will post on in the future. Interestingly, I'm not the only one who originally thought this band was British from the sound and the voices. Wiki says many did. Nope, they are from good old Pennsylvania.

* an estimate on my globe, since I unsuccessfully just spent 1/2 hour trying to look up this ONE NUMBER on-line. Jeez, the web can be useless sometimes!

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