Camille Paglia and another Intellectual going on for an hour and 43 minutes.

Posted On: Friday - October 6th 2017 11:56PM MST
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Ha, that'll get your interest up, right? ;-} This one surprised even us at Peak Stupidity, "this one" meaning this 1:43 (no, that's 1 HOUR and 43 MINUTES!*) video. It consists of just 2 intellectuals talking at a table for that entire time, drinking some water one time for sure, maybe a 2nd, and the listener getting to hear a fire engine ride by in the background during this dicussion. That's what I mean - it sounds painfully boring. However, after having been recommended via link on another blog, this long discussion turned out to be interesting enough that, after having watched 1/2 hour and gotten interrupted, I looked forward very much to watching more, like a Jason Bourne movie (more on those here and here).

Camille Paglia is an intellectual, and since that's all I can come up with for an employment status, it means she is at a university somewhere, is a critic of art, art literature, uses terms like "construct" as a noun, "postmodernism", "avaunt-gard" and probably hasn't constructed a damn thing, in reality. However, in the age of youtube, people like her become more accessible. Camille Paglia does lots of talking against modern Feminism, though she is proud to be a 2nd wave(? dunno, I haven't been keeping track) feminist of the 1960's variety, though too old to have a need for bra-burning. Anyway, as a pundit who is around to comment on the feminist stupidity of the modern day, she is number 1 in our book. That wasn't the kind of introduction the CSPAN book-club guy will give you, so let me just say that she really is a very smart lady who is on the side, at this point, of conservatives in America.

The guy doing the interview is one Jordan Peterson, the last-name is the new first-name phenomena having some grown-up examples already. Wow, time flies. He is a Canadian intellectual who is conservative, hence the Canadian government already has it out for him (he talks about this in the "clip"). His is slightly hoarse, erudite, and talks like a Canadian a bit too much. Jordan Peterson is a good honest Conservative, and he is all around youtube also. I really can't tell who is interviewing whom here BTW, as the 2 get along pretty well, and this is more of a discussion then a Q&A thing.

Don't let the 15 second introduction of classical music scare you - if you care about the evils of feminism, please take some time to watch this one. You MAY want to skip all the way to 40 minutes in, as until ~ 34 minutes in, the talk revolves around the university world and the art world, not something we take a big interest in HERE either! No, again, it's no action flick, but the honest talk about men's roles in the world vs. women's is almost as crazy to actually hear (in this age of PC stupidity) as the stuff here and here on this site. Camille Paglia gets right to the heart of the matter, and it's very refreshing to hear her express the truth. Robertson has some good points too, though Miss Paglia interrupts him quite often.

One last criticism is in order here though, and it would apply mostly to the first 1/4 of the video. Therefore, if you skipped it per my partial recommendation, this won't apply. All the talk by these 2 about the PC-nonsense at the universities and in the art world ends up with these intellectuals having proposed solutions like "these universities need to change!" and "someone in the art world needs to do this or that". This is why they are called intellectuals - they don't see some basic common-sense big-picture stuff. Firstly, this stuff goes way beyond the bubble-world of the universities. Secondly, no, nobody is going to just up and start eliminate PC BS at the universities and start disciplining and jailing the cntrl-left. The people who want this stuff to continue are at higher levels. It's not a big giant conspiracy, but most of America's elites feel very good about seeing the middle-class destroyed. Part of that is the PC stupidity, and the Feminist stupidity. This will be allowed to continue, until people at the bottom have not only had enough, but have not so much to lose by raising hell. No, Miss Paglia and Mr. Peterson don't have solutions to the madness that they discuss, but the solution is out there.

Link to youtube directly.

* Do you remember when youtube limited the videos to 10 minutes or so? Was that around the time of VH-1 and MTV?

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