You're Jammin' Me!

Posted On: Wednesday - October 4th 2017 7:58PM MST
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Take it back - you're jammin' me!

After having mentioned the late Tom Petty's "Jammin' Me in a post yesterday, this afternoon's mail drove home another instance of the world jammin' me, the usual junk mail. It's not really the simple ads that piss me off, but the stuff that looks like it just may be important.

I believe these marketing people have gotten more clever as the years have gone by. It's not enough just to have a 30 Gallon trash can right next to the row of mailboxes as I used to use when living in an apartment. Some of this stuff is from all the big businesses that one has* to deal with, the bank, cable company, etc. They are getting very good at writing just the type of information to mislead one into thinking he'd better open this, but not enough to be an out-and-out lie. Yeah, I'm all done with the ones that look like checks... fool me once, shame on you, fool me a coupla dozen times .. screw you!

When's the last time YOU looked forward to getting paper mail? For me, I was about 18 years old.

Here's a story: I opened up a piece of junk mail one day soliciting for money for an Indian (feather) school in South Dakota. I was feeling generous, and decided why not give them $50 or so. It felt kinda good, until the junk mail from this school started pouring in. I think they had sent me 25 more pieces of mail with 1/2 year. It wasn't just that I didn't sign up for that crap. I was more upset that this school had about spent my $50 already in printing, handling, and postage! My money had been blown all to hell, and they obviously had no protocol for stopping the mail once a donor hasn't responded in a while.

The 2nd time I called over there to ask them nicely to stop sending junk mail, it didn't end nicely. After talking to someone who didn't seem to care, I told him "no wonder the white man took all of you people's land - you're disorganized as all get out!" It felt kinda good, in fact.

Take back, your special offers.
Take back your urgent messages.
Take back open immediately.
Give em all some place to go....

You're jammin' me!

* excepting those who do some of this electronically, but that has its bigger drawbacks.

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