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Posted On: Tuesday - October 3rd 2017 5:51PM MST
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This time it comes scattered and smothered... wait, that's Waffle House. Dennys is all about the "Grand Slam" breakfast, and 15 years ago that was a hell of a deal too. It was sometime about that far back that Dennys had some big deal made of the allegations that they didn't go all out to serve the black customers. Apparently their slam wasn't all that grand.

In the present day, per a short VDare blog post, Denny’s Fires Employees For Making Blacks Pay First It's a short post by a writer named Eugene Gant, so you can read it in a minute, but I'll sum it up. The only strange thing is that the source ciete is from the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Richland, Kennewick), east of the mountains in Washington State, while the happening was in Federal Way, just south of Seattle, on the way to Tacoma (with further stops in "Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA...")

The manager of this particular Dennys had been stiffed on payment for the meal a number of times and had told this particular waitress to get money in advance for all black customers. Now, I'll say it's pretty rude, this assumption of guilt, because it's still probably only a few percent of the black customers, still, that walked out without paying. Still, he had every right to do it, I don't care what some civil rites law says, freedom to do business as one pleases SHOULD be honored (yeah, SHOULD is the key word.)

It's a couple of holier-than-thou white customers who decided to make a big issue out of what happened at that Dennys, which ended up getting the waitress (and other employees) fired for just doing what she was told. These two customers wanted everyone to be treated the same (no matter how much they tip, I guess, also). I can see this resulting in a policy of having ALL restaurant customers pay in advance for meals, which would be another instance of a downfall of the former united, trusting society that once existed in America.

This reminded me of the same situation with regard to pumping gasoline at the station. It was only 9 years ago that all stations where I live, with maybe some holdouts in nice rural areas, that want payment before pumping. Before the summer of 2008, it was only inner-city-shithole stations that wanted the money in advance. It started everywhere else when gas was on the way up through $4/G, which would be $5.50/G or so in today's dollars. (No, inflation is NOT running 1-2%, as our Feral Gov. accountants tell us.) I guess the number of drive-offs was increasing rapidly. The new, non-trusting way is not really a hassle for credit/debit customers, but now for filling up with a cash payment, you've got 2 trips inside. See, I like to really fill up the tank. I can guess on how much it will take from the trip odometer, but I often need the change. OK, enough with the whining - it's just the way it is now, but I wonder who remembers that it wasn't long ago, you'd pump your gas, then pay, and if it'll change in low-end restaurants too. Usually it's just due to a few people that have to screw it up, as they would tell you in Kindergarten, and now at Dennys.

Show me the money! (Hell, be glad it doesn't play commercials at you while you're pumping the fuel.)

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