Smart Devices / Dumb People - Will Moore's Law hold?

Posted On: Saturday - September 30th 2017 5:08PM MST
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Lots and lots of cool icrap:

Moore's law of electronics is not a real physical law, or even a US House of Representatives law, but just a prediction of a doubling of transistor quantity in electronics every 2 years. Hey, Gordon Moore, who made this prediction back in 1965, founded both Intel and Fairchild Semiconductors, so he was no slouch. BTW, who uses the term semiconductors anymore, even though they still are, right? I dunno, ask Siri - I'm sure she knows what the fuck she's talking about; she's got a few million transistors herself underneath that soothing exterior.

It has just occurred to us, due to a small break in the stupidity level, that, hey, because smarter electronics make for stupider people, would not stupidity double every 2 years also? How could we reach Peak Stupidity, then, without the electronics peaking out - meaning the end of Moore's Law.

Well, a guy answered an ad for some extra building materials I had for sale - 25 pieces of siding. He told me on the phone that he knew our area a little bit, as he'd lived there for 2 years. "OK", I told him, "From what you know already, I can give you directions with just only 3 or 4 turns. It's pretty easy." "No, no", he says, "Just give me the address - I'll plug it in my Tom-Tom GPS". "OK, are you sure?" "I'll see you there." Apparently, it's way too much trouble today to write down a few easy directions - too much time spent looking out of the windows of the car too - that's bad I guess??

People run late a lot, but when I got another call from this guy, it confirmed knew he should have listened to me. "Hey, I got off of 'Center St' too soon. I turned onto 'Elm', not 'Dogwood'. I need to turn around." "No, that's OK, I know where you are. Did you pass the school yet?" See, it's just a grid there - the blocks are rectangles. "I don't know", he says, "I'd better go back. I don't know where I am." "Well, what street are you crossing now?" "I don't know." "They've got damn signs! Just read a sign!"

When he got there I didn't give him any of the overage above what I told him for our deal, as I was so pissed. It did make me think "Are they gonna replace any signs anymore that rust or the college kids steal?" Who knows? There are going to be times when the old skills help you navigate through LIFE, and they go away pretty fast if you trust the electronics 100%.

There are people out there who've been going back and forth from their house to everywhere for years but still don't know where they really are in the world.

You can keep all your icrap and live in your electronic world, but I won't.

Tuesday - October 3rd 2017 5:19PM MST
Yep, and thanks for the compliment, John.
John Morton
Monday - October 2nd 2017 5:17AM MST
Well Said. It does seem people are getting dumber due to our advanced technology getting better and less costly each year.
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