Anarcho-Tyranny, British Style

Posted On: Friday - September 29th 2017 10:28PM MST
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Upon reading this Zerohedge article, UK Public Schools Forcing Girls As Young As Four To Wear Muslim Veil for the Immigration Stupidity, Peak Stupidity has come across a good example of ATATP, or Anarcho-Tyranny Across The Pond. It's not like examples aren't all around, but I just noticed that what may have been thought of as hypocrisy before is a good example of anarcho-tyranny. Britain is pretty far gone with this, as they are compared to America in most major sectors of stupidity. Not to worry, though, as we colonials will give our all to catch up, as is usually the case.

The large Moslem influx and influence in UK society has been thoroughly documented on as something to NOT emulate, and this story is about kids as young as 4 years old being made to wear the Moslem "tent-wear".

Activists associated with the investigation cited by The Sunday Times called the uniform requirements “illiberal and repressive” and stated, “no child should be obliged to wear the hijab or any other article of religious clothing while at school.” Included among those appealing to the UK education secretary to root out such practices, especially when they appear at state funded schools, are Muslim women activists.
Note first that you don't hear too much about feminist* activists, who one would think would have a problem with this, nor anti-immigration activists. It's only the Moslems who are ALLOWED to be activists without getting in trouble with THE STATE. We have to import our activists, apparently, to fight some of these problems associated with all this immigration. OK, then.

That is the 1st example of anarcho-tyranny here, as ony special groups are allowed to protest against the system, but not the average regular Brit, who will be seen as a "hater" and screwed accordingly by government, while the Moslem immigrant activist wouldn't even if he wasn't even legally in Britain.

Of course, it's mostly a good thing when the state leaves private religious schools alone to do or require whatever they want in terms of dress code, but that state funded UK schools would enforce Muslim veils is the deepest hypocrisy in a country which has recently been known to target and punish families wanting to opt out of LGBT related curriculum. The British authorities have even threatened Orthodox Jewish schools with closure with the ultimatum: "teach your children about homosexuality and gender reassignment, or we will close you down."
See, it is seen by the writer, Mr. "Tyler Durden" as hypocrisy, as Mr. Durden has not become aware of the idea of anarcho-tyranny, as far as I've read.
In a trend that began years ago, the British education secretary began warning even Christian private schools that their teaching curriculum must reflect the "UK values" and laws concerning transgender recognition. The government now routinely cites "combating extremist" as a motive for getting private schools to conform.
It's easy to beat the regular UK population into submission [Hey, wait, isn't that what "Islam" means, submission? Ed.]. They have jobs they may want to keep. and kids who could get in big trouble, and they still care about fairness and the rule-of-law and all that. The newcomer Moslems, however, aren't gonna take a lot of grief from the British Government Infidels, so that government doesn't want to mess with them. Besides, it is helping to replace the upstart middle-class, or what's left of it and completely culturally destroy the place, which is kind of the point for the elites in said government.

Again, don't think we won't catch up here in this area of stupidity.

*About the feminists, they may have been on the anarcho end of the anarcho-tyranny of yesteryear, but they've been slid over to the other side relative to Moslems. "Relational-Anarcho-Tyranny" - sounds like a good graduate-level course that should be required for matriculation from the College of Stupidity Studies.

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