The NFL brewhaha - an Equal-Stupidity Operation

Posted On: Wednesday - September 27th 2017 7:44PM MST
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After having avoided reading about it (besides headlines), for weeks, I read this Steve Sailer article in Takimag, which is a great summary of the entire NFL "industry" and a good read. Since I've gone that far, let me give my take on the entire NFL/Star-Spangled Banner/BLM/Trump-tweet fiasco after trying to avoid every damn thing about it for the last few weeks (but I always enjoy the Sailer Takimag articles). In summary, everyone involved is wrong and everyone involved acted stupidly.

The first guy, Capernick or whatever, had some guts to act on his political feelings, but his political feelings were stupid, as BLM claims are almost all wrong.

As a libertarian, I think it admirable to decline to act as part of a warfare state and to sit during the anthem, but for a good cause. These players have no good cause besides just showing black solidarity and wanting attention.

The one player with guts who did come out and stand hand-over-heart was pretty damn stupid to apologize the next day. Either don’t do it or stand by your position – what’s wrong with the guy?

The coaches are wrong to take the side of their players over the fans. Where do they think the money comes from to support their huge salaries and all the perks for everyone involved? Stupid, stupid, and more stupid.

The fans are wrong to make this big a deal about the national anthem. I understand it at a baseball game, as that is the national pastime, but WTF does Francis Scott Key and the rockets’ red glare have to do with watching a bunch of thugs run around under the supervision of military-wannabees with headsets? How many of these fans would be so militaristic if they had ever had a rockets’ red glare aimed at their ass, or seen men’s guts torn out, and legs held on by tendons only, or seen people get burned to death, especially if it’s all to “spread democracy” around the Middle East.

President Trump was wrong to tweet anything at all while the BORDERS ARE STILL OPEN! He should find something constructive to do and stay out of stupid controversies about non-constructive pro sports.

What about all the pundits that have written the 1,000's of articles about who's right (again, nobody) and who's wrong (everyone), when there are serious, and some existential problems in this country and the world? They are wrong in their perspective by allowing this to dominate the news and ... [Enough, YOU'RE A PUNDIT! Do you want to put us both out of a job? Ed.]

Bottom line – nobody at all was in the right here, and this whole thing is a big ball of stupid and has increased American stupidity levels by a significant percentage in a few weeks, a feat heretofore considered impossible. Peak Stupidity might be achievable by year’s end with one good Hail Mary.

Friday - September 29th 2017 7:40AM MST
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