Judge no, Senator Roy Moore of Alabama

Posted On: Wednesday - September 27th 2017 5:45AM MST
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Constitutionality per Amend. I questionable, but Peak Stupidity likes this ACTUAL cowboy.

(Peak Stupidity remembers this guy from way back, but had just always thought the Commandments were on a plaque. This is a monument on a 3-ft high pedestal.)

We're kinda timely here on Peak Stupidity this AM - just got caught up on the rest of the internet over a hearty Peak Stupidity Count Chocula, bacon, and gold-fish cracker breakfast. Though just one US Senate election, these things often have wider implications. James Kirkpatrick, one of the solid VDare writers analyses this election win, maybe not a win for President Trump, DEFINITELY NOT a win for the Red-wing establishment, but a win for the people. One may comment on this article here on unz.com.

A few comment here that may be disjointed compared to our usual hopefully fluidic writing style, but out of time:

1) From the article:
As a result, Judge Moore openly campaigned against his party’s own Senate leader during the primary, claiming a victory for him would mean the end of McConnell’s hapless leadership.
Yeah, back to a theme (meme?) from yesterday, are we in Bizarro-America now? Is this not enough evidence for anyone that R’s and D’s are just two wings of The Party working together to get the elite establishment’s job done?


2) This election result is a good thing, and not just because Roy Moore has got a lot going for him as a rebel. It shows that the establishment CAN be beat, at least at this level. This may be part of a new movement to steer things in America onto a decent path by continuing the Trump movement without Trump, if he's not gonna lead. It’s just best not to let this effort get changed into an official movement with names, T-shirts and treasurers and secretaries. All that would come out of that would be that the movement would be soon co-opted by a) those with no principles who put their career hopes into the new organization, and just want a political job and the money. b) those who actively infiltrate the organization in order to force it back into the establishment fold.

That lesson should have been learned from the Reform Party of ’92-’96 and the Tea Party of ’08= ’12. RIP to both of them.


3) Per one of the comments on unz under this Kirkpatrick article, it is possible that this new Senator will get "inducted", so to speak, into the establishment by the Deep State early on. so what's the point? I say he is the last guy this would happen to.

This guy has not just been called “a cowboy”, like it’s a bad thing. He HAS BEEN a cowboy. About the 10 Commandments issue of many years back, whether one’s interpretation is that his court was in violation of US Constitution Amend I or not is one thing (my conclusion – NOT), but it’s the way he stood up for his beliefs to the point of resigning or getting canned from some of his positions in government that should be admired.

Keep in mind, Ronald Reagan was “slurred” as a cowboy way back in the day, when only Euroweenies and Ameriweenies saw it as a slur. He/we heard this so many times when President Reagan up and used non-nuanced terminology about the Communist Soviet Union. I remember all this. . He was a man of principle too, though many think the Deep State got a hold of him pretty early on, as that .22 shot may have been a warning to him (it was no easy thing, his surviving that. The medical technology in 1981 was nothing like today’s).


Anyway, I can’t say Moore is exactly my kind of guy politically, but he may be one of the hardest guys for the Deep State to bring into the fold.

Back to point 1, am I getting this right? The President campaigned for the more establishment candidate (i.e. neither a friend to Alabamans nor Americans), all other parts of the political establishment were against Roy Moore including his party leader, and Roy Moore campaigned on a policy of being AGAINST his own party and WON! This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy ...

(only :15 - may as well watch through :08 if you like girls!)

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